Saturday, April 2, 2022

Report: Dozens of Russians Secretly Allowed Into US Across Mexico Border; U.S. Ushers in 35 Russians Seeking Asylum Under Cover of Darkness at Mexico Border Crossing Who Were Opposed to Putin's War on Ukraine: Secret Deal Bypassed Title 42 Rules

Dozens of Russians secretly allowed into US across Mexico border: report
A group of 35 Russians was secretly ushered into the US last week after waiting for days to cross the southwestern border while Ukrainian citizens were welcomed in, according to a new report.
The asylum seekers had been camped out near the border crossing between Tijuana and San Ysidro, Calif., with Mexican officials growing impatient for them to move, VICE World News reported Monday.
According to the outlet, Thomas E. Reott, the US consul in Tijuana, met with members of the Russian encampment earlier this month with Mexican officials present and relayed that the asylum-seekers could cross the border within three to four days if they vacated the camp.
The Russian refugees — many of them active opponents of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine — reportedly refused to leave, saying three to four days was too long to wait. Eventually, on March 19, officials from the Mexican state of Baja California informed the group they would be allowed to cross at 5 a.m. the next day.
According to Vice, the Russians were taken by Mexican immigration officials to a checkpoint in the US that is closed to the general public and mostly used to process deportees returning to Mexico.
After crossing the border, the group was processed by Customs and Border Protection officials and were held in custody for two days. By March 22, families in the Russian group were released into the San Diego region and were given notices to appear before immigration judges within the coming months. Single adults were transferred to immigration detention centers. --->READ MORE HERE
U.S. ushers in 35 Russians seeking asylum under cover of darkness at Mexico border crossing who were opposed to Putin's war on Ukraine: Secret deal bypassed Title 42 rules:
Nearly three dozen anti-war Russian nationals who fled Moscow following their country's invasion of Ukraine have been secretly allowed to cross into the US from Mexico, despite tens of thousands of other asylum seekers being turned away.
The 35 Russians were escorted across the border under cover of darkness after a deal was struck between Mexican and U.S. authorities, according to Vice.
The group was allowed to cross at a section of the border where they were unlikely to be spotted in the early hours of March 20, which saw Mexican immigration officers hand the Russians directly over to US Customs and Border Protection officers, the outlet reported.
It's believed the deal was put together with the help of officials at the US Consulate in Tijuana and Mexican officials at various levels of government after an encampment of displaced Russians suddenly began growing on the streets surrounding the busy Tijuana/San Diego border crossing.
The apparent special treatment circumvented Title 42 laws that were enacted during the coronavirus pandemic which essentially allowed officers at the U.S. border to deny claims of asylum without cases being heard.
The blanket refusal policy, which began under the Trump administration and has continued under President Joe Biden has seen tens of thousands of migrants stuck in Mexico, not knowing when they may be able to cross to the U.S. and receive a fair hearing. --->READ MORE HERE
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