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Poll: Swing Voters Strongly Support Title 42 Border Barrier; GOP, Dem Senators Back Bill to Postpone Ending Title 42 at Border: Report, and other C-Virus related stories

Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Poll: Swing Voters Strongly Support Title 42 Border Barrier:
Independent swing voters strongly oppose President Joe Biden’s decision to lift the Title 42 border barrier in late May, according to a Morning Consult poll of 2,003 registered voters.
“With the political environment now in a much more dire state for Democrats due to persistent inflation, immigration threatens to transform the upcoming midterm elections from a defeat into a catastrophe,” according to an April 6 report by Morning Consult.
Thirty-seven percent of swing voters strongly oppose Biden’s decision to lift the barrier in late May, while just 12 percent strongly support the plan, according to the April 1-4 poll.
Overall, 55 percent of Americans oppose lifting the barrier, including 42 percent who strongly oppose the loose-migration policy. In contrast, just 16 percent strongly approve of the plan.
Morning Consult reported: --->READ MORE HERE
GOP, Dem senators back bill to postpone ending Title 42 at border: report
A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill Thursday meant to force the Biden administration to delay ditching the Title 42 health policy next month, warning that suspending the order will unleash a humanitarian crisis as thousands of illegal immigrants flock to the southern border, according to a report.
The proposal, backed by five Democrats and six Republicans, would postpone the scheduled May 23 rescission of Title 42 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention until the administration comes up with a plan to counter the expected influx. The bill was first reported by Axios.
“Arizona communities bear the brunt of the federal government’s failure at our border, so we’re stepping in and protecting border communities by ensuring the Administration works hand-in-hand with local leaders, law enforcement, and nonprofits to put a comprehensive, workable plan in place before lifting Title 42,” Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), who drafted the bill with Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), said in a statement. “I’ll continue pushing for transparency and accountability from the Administration to help secure the border, keep Arizona communities safe, and ensure migrants are treated fairly and humanely.”
“The Biden Administration is declaring the pandemic over on our southern border but still active on our healthcare workers, military, and travelers,” added Lankford, the top Republican on the Senate Border Management Subcommittee, which Sinema chairs. “Department of Homeland Security intel projections show that potentially a million people will illegally cross the moment Title 42 is lifted. But instead of a workable replacement plan, the only plan the Biden Administration seems to have is moving people faster into the interior of the country. --->READ MORE HERE
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