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Mask Nazis Who Terrorized Americans For Years Are Worried They Might Get Mocked For Mask Obsession; Cautious Coronavirus Voices in Media Getting Left Behind as More Outlets Signal Return to Normal, and other C-Virus related stories

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Mask Nazis Who Terrorized Americans For Years Are Worried They Might Get Mocked For Mask Obsession:
Those who forced babies off airplanes, froze kids at school, and refused service to customers who wouldn’t mask are now worried about mask harassment.
The New York Times’ reliable doomsayer Paul Krugman made another dramatic prediction Tuesday after a federal judge finally struck down a CDC mask requirement on planes and public transportation.
“Soon we’ll be seeing many incidents in which those who choose to protect themselves with KN95s etc face harassment, even violence,” Krugman wrote in a viral Twitter post with nearly 32 thousand “likes” and more than 7,000 retweets. “Because this was never about freedom.”
Krugman’s latter point was the quiet part out loud, just not the way he probably intended. Compulsory masking was always about control. Even NORAD’s Santa Claus fell victim to the left’s mask obsession. --->READ MORE HERE
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Cautious coronavirus voices in media getting left behind as more outlets signal return to normal:
"Told You So" is the kind of mic-drop taunt youngsters use when they can gloat over their prescience to their peers.
In this case, it was in the headline of a piece last week from left-wing columnist Wajahat Ali, scolding those who were "over" coronavirus that the pandemic wasn't over and that he was right about it being too soon to lift mask mandates. At the time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had expanded mask mandates for public transportation due to the recent rise of a subvariant of the omicron COVID variant.
"The BA.2 omicron subvariant is everywhere. Even if you’re 'over' COVID, the coronavirus still isn’t done with us yet," Ali wrote, in a column headlined, "Told You So—It Was Way Too Soon to Lift COVID Mask Mandates."
Four days later, videos went viral of airplane crowds cheering over the Transportation Security Administration no longer enforcing Biden administration mask mandates following a judge striking them down. The decision drew derision from many media liberals and some anxiety from passengers who learned about the measure during or shortly before their flights, but many others cheered the news as overdue. --->READ MORE HERE
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