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Joe Biden Spends 114 Days in Delaware, Zero Inspecting Southern Border Invasion; Analysis: 1.1 Million More Illegal Aliens in U.S. Since Biden Took Office; Border Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse

Joe Biden Spends 114 Days in Delaware, Zero Inspecting Southern Border Invasion"
President Biden has spent 114 days at his home in Delaware and zero days inspecting the invasion at the southern border, according to the Republican National Committee.
When Biden does not spend his weekend on vacation in Delaware, he has enjoyed the presidential retreat at Camp David. This week, however, Biden traveled to inspect the Polish border with Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Yet Biden as president has never inspected our southern border, where illegal migrants are flooding into the nation.
Biden has been in office for more than a year.
Under Biden’s presidency, 1.7 million illegal immigrants were encountered in 2021 by border agents along the southwest border. And more than 2 million migrants have also been apprehended at the border. --->READ MORE HERE
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Analysis: 1.1 Million More Illegal Aliens in U.S. Since Biden Took Office:
The population of illegal immigrants in the United States has jumped by 1.1 million in President Joe Biden’s first year, says a report released Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).
CIS said in an announcement distributed to the press that the data from the Department of Homeland Security is from 2018, so it used the federal government’s “household survey” to get more current information about the number of illegal aliens inside the country.
Data from the survey showed the illegal alien population was 11.4 million in January of 2022. The center’s preliminary population estimate for February 2022 is 11.5 million.
“The number of illegal immigrants grew dramatically this past year as the result of Biden administration policies which released most of the people encountered at the border and stopped most interior enforcement,” Steven Camarota, the Center’s director of research and the report’s lead author, said.
“Absent a change in policy it seems certain the illegal immigrant population will continue to grow rapidly,” Camarota said. --->READ MORE HERE
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Border Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse:
In 2021, the migrant surge at the southern border hit its highest point in two decades.
But as bad as things are currently, the situation at the border may get even worse.
President Donald Trump’s administration created the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention order Title 42 to allow immediate deportation of illegal immigrants coming from countries where there was a widespread communicable disease.
It was a commonsense measure to protect public health during a time of pandemic. Even the Biden administration kept the rule in place.
That could soon change.
Pressure from activists and the reduction of COVID-19 restrictions has, according to multiple reports, led the administration to reconsider Title 42.
It’s noteworthy that the same activist groups and politicians that insisted on the most restrictive COVID-19 policies at home have been most vocal about ending a rule that would allow border officials to do the bare minimum to preserve the health and safety of Americans during a pandemic.
Ending Title 42 could have serious consequences at a time when the overall picture at the border is grim. --->READ MORE HERE
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