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Border Patrol agent ‘whip’ probe done, produced 500-page report; Border Control Agents Completely Cleared Of "Whipping" Migrant Charges. and related stories

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Border Patrol agent ‘whip’ probe done, produced 500-page report:
The Biden administration has compiled a 500-page report on the investigation into Border Patrol agents accused of “whipping” Haitian migrants last year and could release it any day now, the top union official told The Post late Thursday.
The report is the outcome of the administrative investigation into the agents’ actions conducted by Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Personal Responsibility (ORP). The agents have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing and won’t face charges, but could still lose their jobs if they are found to have broken agency policies.
“No one knows what’s in the report,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said. “I don’t know what’s in it. As of yesterday afternoon, the chief of the Border Patrol didn’t know what’s in it.”
Despite not knowing the content of the report, Judd said he was concerned by its length.
“I’ve never seen a 500-page report where no one did anything wrong,” he said. --->READ MORE HERE
PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty Images
Border Control Agents Completely Cleared Of "Whipping" Migrant Charges:
Biden promised the agents would “pay” for what they did
In news almost completely ignored by the corporate media, border agents who were accused of ‘whipping’ Haitian migrants last year have been completely cleared of all charges.
Fox News was the only network to cover the development.
After playing a clip of the head of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas vowing back in September 2021 to get the investigation wrapped up in days, anchor Bret Baier stated “we are just getting to the back end of this investigation where the guys are not being punished… and remember how much coverage was given to that moment.”
Analyst Brit Hume responded “Right and you know at first it looked bad. And the explanation was available within a matter of 24 or 48 hours. It didn’t stop President Biden from coming out and saying these border agents were going to pay.”
Hume continued, that Biden “has been notably silent on this since and now we know probably was inevitable that they have been cleared of doing anything wrong there. They were using their reigns to deal with the horses.” --->READ MORE HERE
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