Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Biden Wants Blank Check to Fund Open Borders Immigration Priorities

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The Biden administration is publicly proud of its open border policies and seeks to “expand on the historic progress” it has made over the past year to spend even more taxpayer money in 2023 to process even more illegal aliens into the country and grant them asylum.
In his statement for President Joe Biden’s $97.3 billion Department of Homeland Security budget request, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas makes an obligatory reference to safeguarding the American people and securing our borders against terrorists, transnational criminal organizations, and other threats.
However, his department’s proposed budget clearly shows the administration wants the American taxpayer to fund more illegal immigration and provide illegal immigrants legal status through asylum.
Starting at the border, the administration expressly calls for processing “noncitizens” (read: illegal aliens) into the U.S. After seeking $2 million for additional beacons to light the way for illegal immigration, the administration wants to hire 300 new Border Patrol agents ($65 million) and 300 new Border Patrol “processing coordinators” ($23 million) to “respond to” the border crisis.
The administration explains that these coordinators will “receive and in-process” illegal aliens at Border Patrol facilities, “conduct and document personal property inventories, perform welfare checks, transport noncitizens with a Border Patrol agent escort, coordinate logistical and additional travel requirements, and perform various administrative duties, such as processing notes and completing paper/electronic file transfers.”
The administration unironically states that “the additional processing coordinators will allow existing agents to focus on their core counterterrorism, law enforcement, and security missions.”
It doesn’t care that such processing will generate millions more migrants to illegally cross our border, overwhelming the Border Patrol agents and making a mockery of their core missions.
Next, the president wants American taxpayers to fund the medical care of the endless flow of illegal aliens. His budget seeks $69 million for illegal alien processing and care requirements through contracted medical support for individuals in Customs and Border Protection custody at about 63 locations.
Additionally, the administration wants $32 million for medical claims costs, and $29 million to further bloat the bureaucratic Department of Homeland Security with a new Office of the Chief Medical Officer.
To process even more illegal aliens into the U.S. faster, the administration wants $140 million of taxpayer money to design and construct a permanent joint processing center on the border.
That facility would have “dedicated space for multiple agencies and organizations to operate” and “will yield processing efficiencies.”
To continue assisting the illegal aliens’ journey, the Biden administration wants U.S. taxpayers to fund transporting illegal aliens at the border.
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