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Biden Says Transgender People are ‘Made in the Image of God’; Joe Biden Tells Parents: Affirm Your Teens’ Transgender Claims; Transgenderism: Why Stop There?

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Biden Says Transgender People Are ‘Made in the Image of God’:
President Joe Biden said that transgender people are “made in the image of God” in an announcement Thursday on “transgender day of visibility.”
“To everyone celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, I want you to know that your president sees you — Jill, Kamala, Doug, our entire administration sees you — for who you are: made in the image of God and deserving of dignity, respect and support,” Biden said in a video statement.
Biden, a professed Catholic, seems to be referencing Catholic Church teaching that all humans are “made in the image and likeness of God.” The Church’s faith also teaches “male and female he created them,” although the president didn’t mention it in the video.
“We know it’s hard when there are those out there who don’t see you and don’t respect you,” Biden added.
Biden called out “anti-transgender state laws” that have passed state legislatures across the country. Biden is likely referring to Florida’s parental rights law, which he calls the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. However, the law makes no mention of gay or transgender children. Instead, the law prohibits kindergarten through third-grade school teachers from discussing sexuality with their students. --->READ MORE HERE
Joe Biden Tells Parents: Affirm Your Teens’ Transgender Claims:
President Joe Biden released a video Thursday to encourage millions of insecure and vulnerable teenagers to embrace the elite claim they can transform into a popular “transgender” person of the opposite sex:
I want you to know that your President sees you. Joe, Kamala, Doug, our entire administration, sees you for who you are … deserving of dignity, respect, and support. But we know it’s hard when there are those out there who don’t see you, don’t respect you.
Biden also threatened the loving American parents who disagree with their teenagers’ claims to be members of the opposite sex, saying:
To parents of transgender children, affirming your child’s [claimed transgender] identity [is] one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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