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TRUMP: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Is ‘Crime Against Humanity’; TRUMP: Biden Playing into Putin’s Hands — ‘He Should Say We Are a Nuclear Nation’; In the Rubble of Kharkiv, Survivors Make Their Stand; NY Post/WSJ: Russia-Ukraine News LATEST UPDATES

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Russian Invasion of Ukraine Is ‘Crime Against Humanity,’ Has to End Soon: Trump
Former President Donald Trump said on March 10 that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “truly is a crime against humanity” that “never would have happened” if he were still in office.
Trump made the comments during an interview with Fox News on Thursday night where he also took a swipe at Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“I’m looking at these scenes on television of things that are happening, and nobody can believe them,” Trump told host Sean Hannity. “So something has to happen, Sean. This can’t continue. This … truly is a crime against humanity. This is something that has to end, and it has to end soon.
“The problem with Putin, he’s got a very big ego, and if he ends now in most forms, if he ends now, it’s going to look like a big loss for him. Even if he takes a little extra territory. I’ll tell you, Sean, it’s a little hard for Ukraine also, because they are actually doing well, --->READ MORE HERE
Trump: Biden Playing into Putin’s Hands — ‘He Should Say We Are a Nuclear Nation’:
Former President Donald Trump said Thursday on FNC’s “Hannity” that President Joe Biden was playing into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “hands” during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Hannity said, “You came under some fire when you said Vladimir Putin’s very smart. I think I know you a little bit better than most people in the media, and I think you also recognize he’s evil, do you not?”
Trump said, “Well, I was referring to the fact that he said this is an independent nation. This was before there was any attack. He’s calling it an independent nation talking about Ukraine. Now, a lot of things are changing. Now look, this doesn’t seem to be the same Putin I was dealing with. But I will tell you — he wouldn’t have changed if I were dealing with him, he wouldn’t have changed.” --->READ and WATCH MORE HERE
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