Tuesday, March 15, 2022

TRUMP NEWS: Trump questions Biden’s mental capacity amid Ukraine crisis; ‘Nobody was ever tougher on Russia than me’: Trump says he’d be speaking to Putin to avoid WWIII; Trump Responds to Record High Gas Prices with a 5-Word Question for Americans, and related stories

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Trump questions President Biden’s mental capacity amid Ukraine crisis:
Former President Trump told a crowd of supporters in Florence, South Carolina he believes President Biden lacks the mental and physical capacity to handle the crisis in Ukraine, which is under siege by an invading Russia.
“We have a president representing our country at the most important time in history, who is physically and mentally challenged,” Mr. Trump told the crowd gathered in frigid temperatures amid an unusual March cold snap in the south.
Mr. Trump blamed Mr. Biden for what he called weak leadership that he said enabled Russian President Vladimir Putin to launch an attack on Ukraine that is now in its third week.
“Under my leadership we were feared by our enemies, and we were respected by all,” Mr. Trump told the crowd. “Under Joe Biden, America is neither feared nor respected. There has never been a time where our country has been treated the way it is right now. And that’s why we are seeing chaos and mayhem and bloodshed all over the world.” --->READ MORE HERE
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‘Nobody was ever tougher on Russia than me’: Trump says he’d be speaking to Putin to avoid WWIII:
Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were in the White House, the former president insisted during a rally in South Carolina.
Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t stop his military assault of Ukraine, Trump said.
“This could lead to WWIII. I see what’s happening, because if you think Putin’s going to stop, it’s going to get worse and worse. He’s not going to accept it, and we don’t have anybody to talk to him. You had somebody to talk to him with me,” Trump told the crowd in Florence, South Carolina on Saturday night.
“Nobody was ever tougher on Russia than me,” he continued, adding, “I’m the one who stopped the pipelines,” referencing the Nord Stream II gas pipeline from Russia to Western Europe. --->READ MORE HERE
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