Monday, March 21, 2022

Time for Red States to Begin Deporting Illegal Aliens After Feds Suspend Sovereignty Laws

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How do you publish an enforcement report when enforcement has been suspended? Well, that was the predicament in which the Department of Homeland Security found itself last year. Therefore, officials refused to publish the annual ICE enforcement report for nearly five months. Now that they have finally published it, they failed to disclose the most important data. But what we see is so appalling that it violates the entire social contract that the federal government forged with the states – “to insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence.” States have no other option but to pick up the slack.
After delaying the release of the fiscal year 2021 enforcement report for nearly half a year, ICE finally published a scaled-back version last Friday, which essentially shows that enforcement of our sovereignty has ground to a halt. During the entire FY 2021, ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 74,082 noncitizens in FY 2021 and deported just 59,011. For comparison, there were 267,258 removals in FY 2019 and 185,884 removals in FY 2019.
The numbers are even worse than the top lines indicate. Remember, Trump was still president for the first few months of FY 2021, and Biden didn’t change the enforcement policies until Feb. 18. Just 28,677 of the 59,011 removals took place after Feb. 18. In other words, under Biden, there were just a little over 4,000 deportations a month, down from pre-pandemic levels of over 22,000. Thus, while ICE agents still receive salaries, Biden has essentially fulfilled the woke mission of abolishing ICE without actually firing the agents.
It’s not like there were few fish in the pond to deport. The lowest interior enforcement numbers coincide with the greatest invasion at the border itself. From Oct. 2021 through Feb. 2022, there have been 838,685 encounters, a 111% increase from last year’s record-setting encounters year-to-date. That is an annualized pace of over 2 million illegal aliens, not to mention close to a million others who will escape apprehension.
Every day, the Border Patrol catches murderers, child molesters, and gang members, so all those gotaways are going to include those who pay exorbitant sums to evade the Border Patrol and enter the interior of the country. Once they enter our communities, it is now clear that ICE will never catch up with them. What does that mean for our communities?
Well, guess what was missing from the report? The classic breakdown of criminal offenses by criminal category among those apprehended by ICE per fiscal year. For example, here is the tabulation for FY 2019:

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