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Russia’s Potemkin Army: It turns out the Russian military is not 10 feet tall after all; Ukraine Shows The World Why Gun Rights Are Human Rights; Ukrainian forces' 'direct attacks' on convoy slowed down Russia, Pentagon says, NY Post: Russia-Ukraine LATEST UPDATES, and related stories

Russia’s Potemkin army:
It turns out the Russian military is not 10 feet tall after all.
The jury may be out on whether Russian President Vladimir Putin can achieve his revanchist goals in Ukraine by brutally shelling civilians into submission. Still, the verdict is in on his vaunted military, which has been unmasked as a Potemkin force — unprepared, poorly equipped, badly led, and woefully inept in waging conventional modern warfare.
It is a revelation that shocked and secretly delighted observers at the Pentagon, who feared a Russian blitzkrieg would seize the capital, Kyiv, in a matter of days, topple the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and quickly install a puppet regime with total fealty to Moscow.
“The Russian military has really demonstrated what I would characterize as incompetence,” said Eliot Cohen of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “At very basic things like tactics, combined arms, logistics … the Russian military performance has been dismal.”
Russia was believed to have gone to school on the American way of war, in particular, studying the U.S. “shock and awe” air campaign that paved the way for a lightning race to Baghdad by ground troops, who took the capital in three weeks.
But virtually everything the United States did right in Iraq, the Russians got wrong, beginning with its inability to neutralize Ukraine’s air defenses. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine Shows The World Why Gun Rights Are Human Rights:
The people of Ukraine have a chance because they are armed. Imagine if they had been training with these weapons their whole lives.
The world is captivated by Ukraine’s resistance to Russian invasion, especially since much of Ukraine’s resistance comes from ordinary citizens taking up arms in defense of their homeland.
Ukraine has a fighting chance in part because it has taken dramatic steps to provide its people firearms. More than 25,000 automatic rifles and 10 million rounds of ammunition have been distributed to volunteers in Kyiv.
In the United States, even supporters of draconian gun control are announcing they “stand with the brave Ukrainian people” in their armed resistance. The glaring contradiction between these positions — supporting gun confiscation one day and gun distribution the next — seemingly hasn’t dawned on many of these ideologues.
Their contradiction is apparent in actions, as well as in words. President Joe Biden’s rush to arm Ukrainians stands in contrast with his desire to disarm ordinary Americans.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is another prime example: engaging in tyrannical gun control at home while supplying the Ukrainian resistance with machine guns, pistols, carbines, and 1.5 million rounds of ammunition. The European Union shows a similar hostility to the self-defense rights of its people, even as it gives Ukraine about half a billion dollars’ worth of “lethal aid.” --->READ MORE HERE
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