Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Russian forces overextended, at risk of being ‘picked apart’; Heroes of Ukraine: Bravery on full display as they fight back against Russia; Top EU Chief Vows Member States Will Soon Supply Fighter Jets; NY POST: Russia-Ukraine news LIVE UPDATES, and related stories

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Russian forces overextended, at risk of being ‘picked apart,’ top U.S. analyst warns:
The Russian army has “overextended” itself in Ukraine less than a week after invading the country, according to a top U.S. security analyst who says that if Moscow‘s advance continues to stall, its forces are likely to be “picked apart” by Ukrainian fighters.
Russian forces are “in a precarious position if Ukraine becomes a protracted war,” Seth G. Jones, who heads the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said in a series of statements gaining traction Monday on social media.
“Assuming 150,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine & a population of 44 million, that is a force ratio of 3.4 soldiers per 1,000 people,” Mr. Jones wrote. “You can’t hold territory with those numbers.”
His assessment hung in the backdrop as Russian and Ukrainian officials met for talks Monday, after Moscow ran into unexpectedly stiff resistance when it unleashed the biggest land war in Europe since World War II.
With outgunned Ukrainian forces managing to slow the Russian advance and Western sanctions beginning to squeeze the Russian economy, the Kremlin has set nerves on edge across the world by raising the spectre of nuclear war. Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an order over the weekend putting Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert. --->READ MORE HERE
Heroes of Ukraine: Bravery on full display as they fight back against Russia:
A Ukrainian soldier who blew himself up to destroy a bridge, a brave civilian trying to block an entire Russian military convoy and another who removed a land mine with his bare hands.
These are among the tens of thousands of heroic Ukrainian men and women who have spent the last several days fighting back against heavily armed Russian troops.
Ukraine’s united resistance has been mounting ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin last week gave the orders for his troops to start attacking from multiple fronts — and the stories of bravery only continue to emerge.
Here’s a look at just some of the everyday Ukrainian civilians and soldiers taking a stand against Russia.
Man removes land mine with bare hands
Viral footage captured this fearless Ukrainian man removing a land mine from a bridge in the southern port city of Berdyansk — all while puffing on a cigarette.
Instead of waiting for bomb disposal units, the unidentified man took hold of the mine with his bare hands after spotting it in the middle of the road. --->READ MORE HERE
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