Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Rand Paul Declares Fauci “A Menace” To Society; Be Ready to 'pivot' Back to COVID Restrictions, Anthony Fauci Warns Leaders, and other C-Virus related stories

Video: Rand Paul Declares Fauci “A Menace” To Society:
“He’s so caught up in putting stickers on your floor, putting masks on your face, putting goggles on you”
Senator Rand Paul declared Wednesday that Anthony Fauci is a “menace” to society and refuses to admit he was wrong on almost every front concerning the pandemic because he’s still obsessed with controlling people.
Appearing on Fox News, Paul stated “The thing is if you believe in Dr. Fauci, what you should do immediately is go get stickers and make sure they are on the floor, and a yardstick so you know you are 6 feet away from people.”
“And Plexiglas,” Paul added, “carry Plexiglas around with you because Dr. Fauci thinks it somehow, you know, reflects the virus away from you.”
“None of what he has been for has worked,” Paul asserted regarding COVID restrictions.
The Senator further urged, “the interesting thing is – and he won’t admit this to the public – if you take a sample of blood from 1,000 people in the United States, and you measure to see if they had antibodies to the virus or antibodies to the vaccine, it’s over 95%. That’s why we are doing better with this.”
“The virus has mutated to a less virulent or less deadly form. But he won’t admit it because he’s so caught up in putting stickers on your floor, putting masks on your face, putting goggles on you,” Paul continued. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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Be ready to 'pivot' back to COVID restrictions, Anthony Fauci warns leaders:
Leaders need to be “flexible enough to pivot” back to coronavirus restrictions, America’s chief medical adviser has warned.
Dr Anthony Fauci, who advises US president Joe Biden, told the BBC’s Sunday Morning programme “we need to be prepared for the possibility” of “a more rigid type of restrictions” should another potentially harmful new variant emerge.
His warning comes as COVID cases, driven by the Omicron subvariant, once again surge around the world.
In England, the latest ONS infection survey - considered the gold standard in assessing the prevalence of COVID in the community - has estimated one in 16 people have the virus.
Meanwhile, there has been a sharp uptick in UK hospital admissions in March, though the number - 2,227 - admitted on Monday is still half the admissions - 4,580 - at the peak of the second wave of the pandemic in January last year.
And Dr Fauci added the surge "doesn’t appear to be associated with any increase in severity in the form of increased hospitalisations" in the context of eased restrictions. --->READ MORE HERE
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