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If Biden Cared About Border Security, ICE Would Arrest More Border Criminals Instead Of Release Them; Secret ICE Data Shows Drop in Arrests of Criminals, Surge in Arrests of Non-Criminals

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If Biden Cared About Border Security, ICE Would Arrest More Border Criminals Instead Of Release Them:
If Biden really cared about securing the southern border and stopping the smuggling and trafficking that ruin lives, he would direct Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to arrest more border criminals instead of releasing them.
Instead, despite the fact that the nation is facing its biggest border crisis to date, ICE arrested and deported fewer people in the 2021 fiscal year than in prior years due to the Biden administration’s increasingly lax border security policies.
Customs and Border Protection made at least 2 million arrests in the 2021 calendar year, but ICE arrested only 74,082 illegal border crossers in the 2021 fiscal year and deported approximately 59,011 under direct orders from the Biden administration.
In previous years when illegal migration was down significantly under former President Donald Trump’s strict border security initiatives, ICE made far more arrests and deportations. In 2020, before President Joe Biden assumed office, ICE made 103,603 arrests and 185,884 removals. In 2019, ICE agents arrested 143,099 illegal migrants and deported 267,258.
The decrease in necessary arrests and deportations is a direct result of Biden’s open border policies. It wasn’t until Biden began his tenure in the White House that ICE stopped enforcing the border security that so many Americans crave and gave the administration what it wanted. --->READ MORE HERE
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EXCLUSIVE: Secret ICE data shows drop in arrests of criminals, surge in arrests of non-criminals:
Unreleased immigration data show major drop in arrests, deportations of criminals
The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s deportation division arrested 48% fewer convicted criminals, deported 63% fewer criminals and issued 46% fewer “detainer” requests to other law enforcement agencies last year, according to data that ICE officials have tallied but have yet to release to the public.
Yet strangely, arrests of illegal immigrants with no criminal records — whom the administration has generally deemed a lower priority for enforcement — soared 170%, according to the internal ICE numbers.
The numbers, obtained by The Washington Times from a Homeland Security Department source, portray an agency that has ceded much of its traditional role of interior enforcement of immigration laws under President Biden.
Analysts said the drops in arrests and deportations of people with convictions on their records mean tens of thousands more dangerous people are out in American communities far from the southern border.
One ICE officer called the arrest and removal numbers “an acknowledgment that ICE officials are being paid not to do their job.”
The data could also undercut the Biden administration in several court cases where it is arguing that its immigration enforcement priorities are focused less on numbers and more on “quality” arrests in the most serious cases.
“These numbers prove that the administration’s entire enforcement regime is built on a mountain of lies,” said Stephen Miller, President Trump’s former point man on immigration issues and now the president of America First Legal, which is involved in the court challenges. “What this administration has done, as the data prove, is they have voluntarily released, by the tens of thousands, dangerous public safety threats that they have the resources to remove, and that they declined to remove as a discretionary policy choice.” --->READ MORE HERE
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