Tuesday, March 8, 2022

HEY VLAD are Your Troops This Motivated? 140,000 Ukrainians Living Outside the Country Return to Fight Russia; Ukraine Turning Captured Russian Equipment into Weapons; Why did Ukraine Give Up Its Nuclear Weapons?; NY Post/WSJ: Russia-Ukraine News LATEST UPDATES, and 10 related stories

140,000 Ukrainians living outside the country return to fight Russia:
Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians living abroad have returned home to join the military in an attempt to thwart Russia's invasion, Ukraine Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced on Monday.
"More than 140,000 Ukrainians, mostly men, have returned from Europe," Reznikov wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. "Tens of thousands joined the Territorial Defense Forces. Of course, there are those who run away. But the whole world sees the Ukrainian people fighting for their country."
Ukrainian leaders have repeatedly pleaded with Ukrainians living outside the country's borders to join their forces. More than 3,000 Americans have sought to join the fight as of last Thursday.
The Ukrainian military has successfully kept Kyiv, the capital, from falling during the first weeks of the war. Russia's troops have "stalled" roughly 15 miles outside the city, a senior defense official said last week, attributing their delayed progress to a combination of factors, including a resistance force that was more significant than expected, logistic problems, and lack of supplies. --->READ MORE HERE
Sergei Kholodilin/BelTA Pool Photo via AP
Ukraine turning captured Russian equipment into weapons:
Ukrainian officials have put the country’s economy on a war footing following the invasion by Russia, now in its second week.
On Sunday, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said Ukrainian manufacturers and factories are focused on filling military orders and repairing equipment damaged in the fighting.
“To fight, the country has to work — everyone in their place,” Mr. Reznikov said, according to the Defense Ministry. “If you have been forced to evacuate, get a job in a new home. Your help is needed everywhere.”
In his address to the nation, Mr. Reznikov said Ukraine is turning war trophies into weapons by making use of the Russian tanks and armored vehicles often seen being dragged away by farm tractors. Moscow’s battlefield losses are helping Ukraine replenish its fleet of combat vehicles.
“Then finally, the enemy will be killed by their weapons,” he said. --->READ MORE HERE
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