Saturday, March 12, 2022

Effective Immigration Enforcement Can’t Rely on Honor System

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Despite President Joe Biden’s State of the Union call March 1 to secure our border, his administration continues to keep our border open and further neuter immigration enforcement.
It’s become increasingly clear that the Biden administration has a globalist view and is not interested in protecting this country’s borders—or its citizens.
Now, it appears the president wants to fulfill the activist left-wing goal of dismantling the agency of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, making it impossible to fulfill its mission of enforcing our country’s immigration laws.
Americans should ignore Biden’s words and focus on his administration’s actions.
With 12 consecutive months of shockingly high numbers of illegal alien encounters on our southern border, the Biden administration has simultaneously drastically decreased both detentions and deportations. And fewer detentions of course means fewer deportations.
The Department of Homeland Security’s own data shows that when individuals were only briefly detained, they were more likely to disappear into the interior of the country—3% of those people were actually repatriated, while 12% were granted relief.
Cases involving the rest—a whopping 85%—were left unresolved. Those seeking to end ICE’s ability to detain know that it significantly lowers the chances of deportation, a goal of open-borders advocates.
As part of the Biden administration’s new vision for ICE enforcement—one that aligns with the goals of open-borders activists—DHS is not only avoiding detention, but also gutting effective alternative programs, and turning to “community” outreach programs that amount to “catch and release.”
In a recently issued federal request for proposal, the government announced it was seeking contractors to run a new alternative to detention program—one that would ban the use of monitoring and diminish compliance requirements for 18- and 19-year-olds who are in ICE custody.
All of this comes while record numbers of migrants are being released into the U.S.
This troublesome development signals that the Biden administration may be looking to replace existing programs that have been successfully implemented for nearly two decades with community support services that would require little more than a phone call every three months to monitor migrants’ whereabouts after illegally crossing the border.
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