Friday, March 25, 2022

Don’t Fund the Police, Fill the Prisons: Arresting Criminals Doesn’t Do Any Good If They’re Out On the Streets Again

At his State of the Union address, Biden embraced the slogan, “Fund the Police.”
While it was nice of the titular figure of a radical party that is still trying to lynch police officers across the country for doing their jobs to propose funding the police, that’s not the issue.
And somewhere in his last endangered brain cell, even Biden knows that.
Despite that being the slogan of Black Lives Matter, little actual police defunding has taken place outside of a few major cities. Many police departments could use more resources, but the massive crime wave that cities are faced with is not about a lack of police funding.
What happened wasn’t that police were defunded, but that new laws and the enforcement of existing laws and policies changed the crime landscape so that many behaviors that used to be criminal were no longer treated as such while standard police tactics were criminalized.
The release of large numbers of prisoners during the pandemic to protect them from COVID along with the refusal of pro-crime prosecutors, particularly those funded by Soros, and pro-crime judges to actually lock up offenders turned low crime rates into high crime rates.
Funding the police doesn’t do anything except take offenders off the street for a few hours.
There have been a multitude of accounts out of San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and other major cities of monsters who are arrested for violent attacks, who are released only to carry out another attack and then are promptly released all over again.
Frank Abrokwa smeared his feces on a woman in the New York City subway, was arrested, released, and then committed an anti-semitic hate crime, and then was released again.
He had punched a man on the subway in January and another man at a bus station in February.
Nothing in the NYPD’s $5 billion budget is going to make a serious dent in the reign of terror posed by Abrokwa and a few thousand junkies, criminals, vagrants, and crazies like him as long as New York State’s effective elimination of bail continues releasing monsters like him.
Beyond stationing a police officer every 10 feet, funding the police won’t fix this nightmare.
Despite 44 prior arrests, Abrokwa continued to be freed because New York State, under Cuomo, had tossed out bail. Cuomo crony, Gov. Kathy Hochul, insisted that she will not lock up criminals because that would be too mean and it would upset AOC and the state’s lefties.
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