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Biden Wants to Waste More Money on COVID on Top of the Trillions Spent; There Is Still Plenty of Money Left from Past Covid-Relief Bills, and other C-Virus related stories

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Biden wants to waste more money on COVID on top of the trillions spent:
The Biden administration has released a new National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that — surprise, surprise — calls for billions in new spending. The initiative is unnecessary, wasteful and will spark additional inflation.
Why in the middle of plunging COVID case, hospitalization and death rates do we need additional spending? New cases have fallen by 90% from their Jan. 15 peak and are back to some of the lowest levels seen in the pandemic. New COVID hospital admissions have fallen by 80% since mid-January to levels not seen in over a year. Deaths — a lagging indicator — have been falling steadily since the beginning of February.
The White House claims more money is needed to vaccinate Americans, including children under 5. But the FDA has delayed approval of vaccines in that young age group and the CDC has not recommended it. It is not clear that either agency ever will. Seventy-five percent of those 18 and older, including 89% of the most vulnerable who are 65 and older, are already fully vaccinated and about half the country has natural immunity from previous infections. COVID poses little risk of serious illness to those below age 18.
Moreover, spending more, as the White House requests, for vaccine outreach and education after a year of non-stop public appeals, is unlikely to convince the minority of people who have thus far refused the shot. --->READ MORE HERE
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There Is Still Plenty of Money Left from Past Covid-Relief Bills:
During the SOTU address, President Biden listed many of the policies he wanted to implement, including many that were blocked in the Senate when Build Back Better failed to gain any traction. It wasn’t lost on most people, including Senator Joe Manchin. When asked by reporters about whether spending $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion would lower costs and cool inflation, he said, “I’ve never found out that you can lower costs by spending more.”
He is not buying it. Me neither.
That reminded me to check how much of the money from the CARES Act and the ARP still hadn’t been distributed, but should be in 2022. According to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, there is about $740 billion of unspent/committed legislative stimulus funds. Here is a breakdown of some of these ($4 billion or more): --->READ MORE HERE
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