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Where Ya Been, Joe? Ukraine: We’re Not Worried About Invasion, Russia Has Been Invading for 8 Years .. Scolds West for Ignoring Conflict That Started When Biden Was VP; This Time Biden "Senses" Russia Will Invade Ukraine In "Next Several Days"

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Ukraine: We’re Not Worried About Invasion Because Russia Has Been Invading Us for Eight Years:
Ukrainian state media outlet Ukrinform ran an editorial on Wednesday arguing that Ukrainians are unfazed by the war hysteria gripping many Western politicians and media outlets because Russian forces have been in their country for eight years.
Ukrinform billed the lengthy article as “an editorial, aiming to convey to the Western audiences, including journalists, what’s on the mind of the Ukrainian people these days, why they have no fear, and what is the main motivation driving the nation.”
The gist of the editorial was that life continues as normal for Ukrainians, who are certainly aware of the Russian threat but not obsessed with it. Unlike some outside observers, the Ukrainians are not responding with great alarm to each tidbit of news about Russian activity on the far side of their border.
“The country’s capital Kyiv, along with other major cities, remains vibrant and lives a normal life with children going to school, businesses and offices remaining open to clients, no one taping their windows in anticipation of bombing or digging trenches in the suburbs to ‘meet’ Russian tanks,” Ukrinform wrote.
The key passage in the article needled Western media for paying so little attention to Ukraine while Russian-backed separatists waged a brutal war in the eastern part of the country, perking up only when the narrative of a Russian invasion kicking off World War III fired up their imaginations: --->READ MORE HERE
This Time Biden "Senses" Russia Will Invade Ukraine In "Next Several Days":
Apparently undeterred after being flat out wrong on every other recent "imminent" Russian invasion of Ukraine prediction, President Joe Biden on Thursday has issued yet another timeline specific statement regarding the "when" of a Russian offensive.
He said it will happen "within the next several days". And now not not even bothering to cite US intelligence or the Pentagon (perhaps his own intel community has started distancing itself from the endless stream of false predictions?), the president said this is his "sense". According to Axios:
President Biden told reporters Thursday that his "sense" is that Russia will invade Ukraine "within the next several days," as troops and supplies continue to arrive at the border and international monitors report shelling across the line of contact in eastern Ukraine.
Calling the risk "very high", Biden explained that he sees "Every indication that we have is that they are prepared to go into Ukraine, attack Ukraine." CNN reported that when pressed for more details or evidence, he offered this:
Pressed on whether he believes an attack will happen, and if so, when, Biden said, "Yes. My sense is it will happen in the next several days." --->READ MORE HERE
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