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Republicans Demand Garland Respect Independence of Durham Probe; Clinton-Allied Lawyer Asks Judge to Dismiss Charges; Durham Stands by Snooping Evidence in Case Against Democratic Lawyer; Sussmann Lawyers Say Even If He Lied, It Was ‘immaterial’

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Republicans demand Garland respect independence of Durham probe:
More than 40 Republican senators on Thursday sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland urging him to respect the independence of special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the government’s probe of alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.
It is the latest push by Republicans to keep pressure on the Justice Department to stay out of Mr. Durham’s way as his investigation picks up steam.
The senators asked Mr. Garland for assurances that he won’t interfere or limit Mr. Durham’s probe. They also urged the attorney general to provide Mr. Durham with all resources necessary to “fully, thoroughly and completely pursue his investigation.
Under Justice Department regulations, Mr. Garland can only fire Mr. Durham for “good cause,” such as misconduct or conflict of interest. If Mr. Garland moves to terminate the special counsel probe, he must spell out the reason in writing.
However, an attorney general can constrain a special counsel probe by blocking any “investigative or procedural step” Mr. Durham recommends, such as bringing an indictment or subpoena if he determines it is “unwarranted” or “inappropriate.” Mr. Garland is required to notify Congress of such a decision.
The attorney general could also cut the budget for the special counsel’s office. --->READ MORE HERE
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Clinton-allied lawyer asks judge to dismiss charges from Durham probe:
Former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann asked a federal judge Thursday to dismiss the charges filed against him by special counsel John Durham, who is investigating the Justice Department’s actions in the early stages of the Trump-Russia collusion probe.
In a court filing Thursday, Mr. Sussmann’s lawyers said the charges against him are bogus and an example of “prosecutorial overreach.”
“The special counsel’s unprecedented and unlawful overreach should not be countenanced and the single count against Mr. Sussmann should be dismissed,” the attorneys with Latham & Watkins wrote.
A spokesperson for Mr. Durham declined to comment on the filing.
Mr. Sussmann has pleaded not guilty to one charge of lying to the FBI by not disclosing to a bureau official that he was working for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign when bringing them tips of a Trump-Russia link.
During the September 2016 meeting with then-FBI general counsel James Baker, Mr. Sussmann told the bureau about alleged secret communications between the Trump campaign and a Russian bank.
Those suspicions were later determined to be unfounded. --->READ MORE HERE
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