Sunday, February 13, 2022

Redistricting Expert: Republicans Losing to Democrats in Nationwide Redistricting Battle; Trump Attacks Dem NY Gerrymander, Blasts GOP Inaction: ‘We’ll lose 4 seats’

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Redistricting Expert: Republicans Losing to Democrats in Nationwide Redistricting Battle:
Guru of redistricting and Senior Editor of the Cook Political Report Dave Wasserman announced on Thursday Republicans have flubbed their chance of dominating the nationwide redistricting battle that will ultimately shape Joe Biden’s presidency.
According to Dave Wasserman, Democrats have taken a 2-3 seat advantage in the redistricting battle, noting that Republicans in red states have given too much ground to Democrats. Meanwhile, Democrats in red states have been very aggressive and reshaped districts in their favor.
The analysis is predicated on the old district lines, which are being redrawn in accordance with the 2020 census demographic shift. The census found Democrats lost residents to red, southern states.
In recent weeks, the maps of New York, Alabama, and Pennsylvania have all drooped towards the Democrats’ favor. Republicans in these states must now only rely on the courts for a favorable state map. But if the courts decide in favor of the Democrats, Republicans are likely out of luck.
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Trump attacks Dem NY gerrymander, blasts GOP inaction: ‘We’ll lose 4 seats’:
Former President Donald Trump scorched Democrats’ aggressive redistricting efforts in New York and across the nation in a furious Saturday statement to supporters.
“Republicans are getting absolutely creamed with the phony redistricting going on all over the Country,” he emailed through his Save America PAC.
“We were expecting to do well in New York and now, we’ll lose 4 seats,” he griped — referring to the state’s new congressional map that has Empire State Republicans crying foul.
The key 11th District, which encompasses Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, was redrawn this week to replace conservative neighborhoods like Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights with the blue bastions of Park Slope, Sunset Park and Gowanus — a boundary change that could oust Trump ally Rep. Nicole Malliotakis from Congress in November. --->READ MORE HERE
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