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Poll 65% of Democrat Voters Still Want Face Diapers; Study: Children ‘Struggle to Recognize Masked Faces,’ and other C-Virus related stories

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Poll 65% of Democrat Voters Still Want Face Diapers:
Sixty-five percent of Democrat voters still desire mask mandates for fellow citizens, a Wednesday Politico/Morning Consult revealed.
Overall, only 43 percent of voters believe mask mandates should remain in place over those who are unafraid to remove their face coverings.
Among independents, 42 percent oppose lifting mask mandates. A large 20 percent of Republicans also opposed lifting mask mandates.
A Wednesday Rasmussen poll largely confirmed Politico/Morning Consult polling. According to Rasmussen, 49 to 42 percent of people want the mask mandates in place. Rasmussen also found that the majority of individuals still continue to believe masks help block the Chinese virus:
[O]nly 58% of Likely U.S. voters believe masks are effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19, including 31% who think masks are Very Effective. Thirty-nine percent (39%) don’t think masks are effective at preventing spread of the coronavirus, including 20% who think masks are Not At All Effective against the disease. --->READ MORE HERE
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Children ‘Struggle to Recognize Masked Faces:’ Study:
Children have difficulty recognizing people who are wearing masks, according to a new study.
Researchers had children complete a face memory test for kids called the CFMT-K and found that there was a significant difference between children studying unmasked faces and masked faces.
“The main findings from this paper are that children struggle to recognize masked faces. We found a decrease of 20 percent in their ability to recognize masked faces, while the average decline is around 15 percent for adults,” Erez Freud, assistant professor in the Faculty of Health at York University in Canada, one of the researchers, told The Epoch Times in an email.
Previous research already showed adults’ ability to process faces is hindered by masks. The new study is one of the first to examine the effects of masks on children’s facial recognition abilities. --->READ MORE HERE
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