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Migrants Trying to Reach US Border Sew Mouths Shut in Gruesome Protest; Sew Mouths Shut in Bid to Gain Passage to US Through Mexico, Sew Mouths Shut as They Demand Passage to US, and related stories

Migrants trying to reach US border sew mouths shut in gruesome protest:
A dozen undocumented migrants trying to reach the US border sewed their mouths shut on Tuesday in a gruesome protest over the Mexican government’s refusal to allow them in.
Shocking photos taken by Reuters show the migrants, mostly Central and South Americans, using needles and plastic threads to seal their mouths shut in Mexico’s southern border city of Tapachula.
The migrants, including some carrying their children, left a small gap to allow them to drink liquids.
They used alcohol to wipe away the blood from the stitches, the photos showed.
“I’m doing it for my daughter,” Venezuelan Yorgelis Rivera told the agency. “She has not eaten anything in the last few hours and I see no solution … from the authorities.”
She added, “We are like prisoners here.”
Thousands of migrants have spent months in Tapachula, which borders Guatemala, as they wait for Mexico’s migration agency to allow them to freely cross the country en route to the US border. --->READ MORE HERE
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Migrants sew mouths shut in bid to gain passage to US through Mexico:
Migrants attempting to cross through Mexico and into the United States are amping up their protests against Mexican authorities who refuse to let them through.
A dozen such migrants sewed their lips shut on Tuesday in protest of their treatment by Mexican migratory officials, Reuters reported.
A majority of migrants crossing through Mexico come from South and Central America, although many started their treks in the Caribbean or in farther away regions on other continents.
The Mexican government has significantly increased its capacity to process asylum applications, but at the same time, it has stepped up enforcement measures to stop migrants before they reach the U.S.-Mexico border. ---->READ MORE HERE
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