Tuesday, February 22, 2022

DHS Mayorkas OK’s Citizenship for Migrants Who Rely on Welfare; Biden Walks Back Trump Rule Barring Residency for Immigrants Eligible for Aid; DHS proposes rule to ignore immigrants’ use of SNAP, CHIP, Medicaid when considering green card applications, and related stories

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DHS Mayorkas OK’s Citizenship for Migrants Who Rely on Welfare:
President Joe Biden’s deputies are rewriting the “public charge” regulations to let very poor migrants get both welfare and citizenship, and also to let Wall Street get more low-wage workers and welfare-funded consumers.
“This administration thinks that it’s okay for taxpayers to have to [economically] support any legal immigrant,” said Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. The administration’s progressives believe “immigration is a humanitarian and a social assistance program — the priority is ‘What can we do for immigrants?’ not ‘How does immigration help our country?'”
The public charge rule was mandated by Congress to help deny residency and citizenship to legal and illegal migrants who cannot work enough to stay out of poverty. The resulting regulation was adapted to exclude migrants who rely on government-delivered welfare and other forms of taxpayer charity, which was then described as being a “public charge.”
But the public charge regulation was rarely enforced on migrants and their U.S. sponsors. So President Donald Trump’s deputies issued a regulation that instructed immigration officers on how to decide when particular migrants were dependent on the government’s increasing variety of aid and welfare programs. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden walks back Trump rule barring residency for immigrants eligible for aid:
The Biden administration is set to walk back Trump administration rules limiting immigrants' eligibility to obtain permanent residency if they are eligible for government benefits.
The Department of Health Services will submit a new "public charge" rule in the coming days, outlining its plan to reverse the Trump administration ban on those who would rely on government assistance. However, the outlined changes made by the Biden administration will still allow immigrants to be judged to a lesser extent based on their dependence on select welfare programs.
“Under this proposed rule, we will return to the historical understanding of the term ‘public charge’ and individuals will not be penalized for choosing to access the health benefits and other supplemental government services available to them,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement issued Thursday afternoon.
The Trump administration in 2019 proposed a plan to update the public charge rule to block immigrants who apply for green cards if they may rely on federal assistance and would be a "public charge" to the government. --->READ MORE HERE
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