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Biden’s Unlimited Resettlement: 74,000 Afghans Sent to American Communities; Model Afghan Refugee Sexually Assaulted Woman Who Helped Resettle Him, and related stories

Biden’s Unlimited Resettlement: 74K Afghans Sent to American Communities:
President Joe Biden, with help from former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, has resettled more than 74,400 Afghans across American communities since mid-August 2021.
The latest Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data reveals the extent of Biden’s unlimited Afghan resettlement operation — the largest in American history — since his administration’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
As of this week, more than 74,400 Afghans have been resettled in small towns and cities across 46 states. Today, just 1,200 Afghans remain temporarily living on U.S. military bases, as all others have been placed in communities.
More than 76,000 Afghans, in total, have been brought to the U.S. even as top DHS officials admit that minimal vetting procedures are conducted. This month, an Afghan man was charged with sexually assaulting a woman. --->READ MORE HERE
Model Afghan Refugee Sexually Assaulted Woman Who Helped Resettle Him:
They work quickly.
As soon as Haji Matiullah Matie arrived in the United States, he became the poster boy for Afghan refugees.
In November 2021, as swarms of unvetted Afghan refugees airlifted by Biden with Taliban permission arrived in the United States, military social media accounts made him the face of Operation Allies Welcome and promoted stories about his reunion with an officer he had known.
It no doubt helped that Matie had served as a “facilitator and fixer” for Marine Lt. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson. Unlike the Americans who were beaten in the streets, Matie and his family got a password and a special sign that got him access to the airport and a free ride to America.
The New York Times wrote up Matie’s story and so did many other media outlets. By the time he was finally resettled from Fort Pickett, Virginia, to Wausau, Wisconsin, he was famous.
When he flew out to his new home in the small Wisconsin city, the mayor was there to meet him at the airport. The mayor later visited his home along with Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes. The Afghan refugee’s social media accounts were filled with photos taken with local community leaders.
Each visit generated new stories holding Matie up as evidence that Americans should welcome Afghan refugees. And then it all fell apart as Matie was arrested for sexual assault against a person who had been helping him adjust to his new life in the snows of the Badger State.
My Family Is Safe”, a local paper headlined his story. His perhaps, but not American families.
Matie arrived in Wausau, Wisconsin, on December 29th. It took a little over a month for him to show local residents just what the irresponsible resettlement of Afghans means for them
And for all Americans. --->READ MORE HERE
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