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Biden’s Border Mess; By Design, Biden’s Border Crisis Is Actually His Biggest Success, and related stories

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Biden’s Border Mess:
Joe Biden’s border policy is nothing to be proud of, and the administration apparently realizes it.
Body-cam video unearthed by a Freedom of Information Act request captured a cop at an airport near White Plains, N.Y., asking federal contractors last year about the stealthy off-hours arrival of illegal immigrants. A contractor explains that “DHS wants everything on the down-low.” Another contractor says that no one wants it to get out that “the government is betraying the American people.”
Meanwhile, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin got footage of single adult males being processed through a nondescript location in Brownsville, Texas, to be flown to cities around the country. An ICE source told him that these kinds of releases have been taking place quietly since last spring.
The administration’s instincts at the border have been all wrong, but at least it has the sense to try to hide the full scope of its abysmal failure to enforce our laws and maintain good order.
Neither of the operations caught on the video should be happening. The New York flight involved unaccompanied minors, so the administration has portrayed it as a routine transfer in keeping with the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. The Act protects unaccompanied minors trafficked into the United States. But as Mark Krikorian has pointed out, the minors being flown to New York don’t meet the definition of being unaccompanied, since they usually have an illegal-immigrant parent or relative in the United States who has paid to get them across the border. And they’ve been smuggled into the U.S., not trafficked for nefarious purposes. --->READ MORE HERE
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By Design, Biden’s Border Crisis Actually His Biggest Success:
President Joe Biden’s no-border policy has detonated an explosion of illegal-alien apprehensions and got-aways at the southern “frontier.”
Millions of Americans consider this one of Biden’s biggest failures, surpassed only by his utterly calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan. However, this fiasco is Biden’s finest hour.
After 11 months, Biden’s “border” remains wide open, if not functionally erased. Illegal aliens cascade across. Between Feb. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021, on Biden’s watch, Customs and Border Protection apprehended a record 1,956,596 illegal aliens on the southern “frontier,” versus 511,192 one year earlier, under then-President Donald Trump—up 283%.
Biden gives illegal immigrants free tickets to ride buses that whisk them deep into the U.S. interior. Illegal aliens in Brownsville, Texas, score free cab rides to the airport, whereupon they jet off to Atlanta, Houston, and other cities.
Still other illegal aliens—including single adult males—board clandestine night flights that land after closing time in New York’s Westchester Airport and other airfields. As if in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch, illegal aliens without papers may use their arrest warrants as IDs to board aircraft. Specifically, this is Immigration and Customs Enforcement Form I-200, Warrant for Arrest of Alien.
And these are just the illegal immigrants that Customs and Border Protection intercepted. Biden let an estimated 500,00 “got-aways” get away. Where are they? Who knows?
Biden has had an entire year to improve this rapidly deteriorating mess. Instead, he hasn’t lifted a cuticle. --->READ MORE HERE
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