Thursday, February 3, 2022

Biden to 'Expedite' Bringing More Afghan Refugees to U.S.; Report: White House Looking to Fast-Track Afghan Refugee Resettlement; Plans to Cut Afghan Resettlement Process From 2 Years to 30 Days, and related stories

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Biden to 'Expedite' Bringing More Afghan Refugees to U.S.:
Refugees from Presidentish Joe Biden’s bungled Afghanistan bugout could be brought to the U.S. even faster and in greater numbers, according to a National Security Council official speaking to Fox News on Wednesday.
The unnamed NSC spokesperson bragged that the White House “has surged resources and forged creative solutions to vet, screen, and process SIV [Special Immigrant Visa] applicants at an unprecedented pace.”
Just yesterday the State Department said it is already “overwhelmed” with refugees and that “we’ve been hiring a lot of people to work as case managers and support people for housing.”
We can’t get the Secretary of Transportation to unsnarl the port situation in Los Angeles, vax mandates are about to collapse trade with Canada, jobs haven’t recovered yet inflation is surging… but this stuff the administration has time to expedite. --->READ MORE HERE
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White House looking to fast-track Afghan refugee resettlement: report:
The White House is exploring ways to speed up the resettlement process for Afghan refugees, shortening the timeframe to as little as one month, according to new reports.
The proposed changes would allow Afghan refugees to be screened, vetted and approved to be sent to the US within 30 days of their arrival at a resettlement facility in Qatar, Axios reported late Tuesday. Typically, it takes anywhere from two to five years for refugees to be resettled in America.
The changes are being weighed by the White House, the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security as the administration approaches a February deadline to move thousands of refugees off American military bases where they have been temporarily housed since leaving Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover in August.
Currently, the US mainly uses humanitarian parole to push rapid resettlement. However, the process has limitations and does not guarantee a special immigrant visa, asylum or green card after two years.
Following the expedited process in Qatar, refugees would be put directly on a track to obtaining legal permanent residence. --->READ MORE HERE
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