Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Biden Admin To Give Free Crack Pipes to Black LGBT Crackheads; Biden Administration Distributes Syringes and Crack 'smoking kits' for 'equity', and related stories

Biden Admin To Give Free Crack Pipes to Black LGBT Crackheads:
The insanity that is now riding high among the Democrats tops anything that even the most outrageous satire could have predicted.
About a million years ago (when it was still mildly funny), SNL's take on the Dukakis defeat included Joan Baez singing what was supposed to be an over-the-top version of insane lefty policies that the country had rejected. "Unilateral disarmament, abortion on demand, take everybody's guns away, and toss them in the sand. Free needles for the addicts, free condoms for the kids. We'll not blame the criminal for anything he did."
Those have since become just the default Democrat positions. Free crack pipes for the gay community would have been seen as too ridiculously over the top in the 80s and 90s.
Now it's just the new abnormal normal. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden administration distributes syringes and crack 'smoking kits' for 'equity':
A grant program funded by the Biden administration will furnish syringes and "safe smoking kits" among other items as a means to advancing equity.
The deadline for the $30 million program is Monday, with the Department of Health and Human Services distributing funds to nonprofit groups and local governments. Among the items the grant will pay for are syringes and "safe smoking kits/supplies."
The kits will allow users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and other illicit substances, the Washington Free Beacon reported.
The Washington Examiner reached out to HHS for comment.
Both the syringes and the smoking kits are designed to prevent the transmission of infections. One of the priorities for recipients is serving under-resourced populations, including racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender minority groups, aligning with an executive order President Joe Biden signed upon taking office. --->READ MORE HERE
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