Monday, February 21, 2022

Bad Things Happen to Those Who Publish Truth About Fauci; Ignore the Insanely Cautious CDC, and other C-Virus related stories

Shawn Thew/Pool via AP
Bad Things Happen to Those Who Publish Truth About Fauci:
It’s an unchallengeable fact that the Sun appeared over the horizon this morning. It’s also a fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci is paid more than any other federal employee, ever. Publish the former in Forbes, hey, no problem.
But if your name is Adam Andrzejewski and you publish the latter fact on the digital pages of Forbes, you get terminated by spineless editors who fear offending the powerful in government.
And, oh, by the way, this is also the Forbes that around the same time it was kicking to the curb a guy who has done more for transparency and accountability in government than any other person in the last decade made this announcement:
“Forbes and Mika Brzezinski announced today that Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will headline its inaugural Forbes 30/50 Summit, a global event gathering generations of women from both the ’30 Under 30′ list and ’50 Over 50′ list in Abu Dhabi in March of 2022 to mark International Women’s Day.

“Clinton will receive the Forbes International Women’s Day Lifetime Achievement Award to commemorate her leadership and influential voice on the global stage in advancing the cause of women and fighting for gender equity.”
Readers who recall the years in which Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to enrich her family’s front, the Clinton Foundation, will no doubt recognize it’s no coincidence that the Forbes event honoring her will be held in the United Arab Emirates.
This from a Daily Mail story in 2016 provides a small reminder of Abu Dhabi’s role in the morass of Clinton Foundation corruption: --->READ MORE HERE
Ignore the insanely cautious CDC:
The CDC is — allegedly — going to “update” its mask guidance as soon as next week.
We hope the body has the sense to recommend an immediate end to all mask mandates. Sadly, we know it’ll make at least one exception: Recently leaked audio shows that CDC head Dr. Rochelle Walensky has no plans to tweak masking guidance in schools.
Proving yet again everyone should take all CDC guidances with a shaker of salt. Think of all the other CDC diktats we already ignore.
This is the agency that ordered us to cook our prosciutto — mamma mia! — before eating it to minimize the risk of salmonella (an illness with a fatality rate in the hundredths of a percent).
It forbids women a single glass of wine for their entire pregnancy and suggests they, even if not pregnant, never have more than one drink per day. (It’ll let men have two.) Can’t be too safe! --->READ MORE HERE
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