Tuesday, February 8, 2022

105K Migrants Intercepted by Texas National Guard Near Border Under Operation Lone Star

Bob Price/Breitbart Texas
Texas National Guardsmen encountered approximately 105,000 migrants under Operation Lone Star. The soldiers and airmen also participated in “significant drug and weapons seizures.”
“The work each of our service members is doing is very important,” Texas Adjunct General Maj. Gen. Tracy Norris told Breitbart Texas. “Their presence along the border creates a significant deterrence to criminal activity along our southern border.”
The general’s comments to Breitbart followed a tour of Texas National Guard facilities and checkpoints in the Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector.
“Whether serving at a security point, constructing a barrier, or providing logistic and administrative support, each of our Soldiers and Airmen is critical to the broader effort to bring safety to our local communities,” General Norris stated.
Bob Price/Breitbart Texas
Breitbart Texas spoke with numerous soldiers and officers of the Texas National Guard during tours in Del Rio and Eagle Pass this week. The guardsmen repeatedly expressed their dedication to the mission.
“Our soldiers are making an impact,” one officer stated. “Even when they are not seeing illegal border crossings, they are having a deterrent effect and are moving the crossers to other locations where Border Patrol agents are present.”
General Norris offered the following:
Because of our service members’ outstanding work:
  • Approximately, 105,000 illegal migrants have been apprehended or referred to our partner federal and state law enforcement agencies; 
  •  More than 9,000 individuals, attempting to enter Texas illegally, have been returned to Mexico; 
  •  Significant drug and weapon seizures have occurred, including the lethal drug fentanyl; 
  •  And the ongoing construction of temporary barriers, including 10 miles of temporary barriers, with an additional 60 miles under construction contract, along the border is further deterring criminal activity. 
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