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The Left’s Latest Political Scheme: Let Noncitizens Vote; NYC Mayor Says Dems Need to Become ‘radically practical’ as He Clears Way for Noncitizens to Vote; Signs Law Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote; GOP Sues NYC, Mayor Over Noncitizen-Voting Law

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The Left’s Latest Political Scheme: Let Noncitizens Vote:
More than 800,000 will soon be eligible to cast ballots in municipal elections in New York City.
Despite misgivings, New York City’s new mayor, Eric Adams, has rolled over for the city council and allowed more than 800,000 noncitizen residents to vote in future elections for mayor and all other city officials.
Starting in 2023, the city will have to print separate ballots for city races, since noncitizens will still be barred from voting in statewide and presidential elections. But make no mistake. The new New York law is part of a nationwide push to blur the very meaning of citizenship and promote noncitizen voting everywhere and for all offices.
There are few limits on how far the “woke” Left will go to change the rules of voting. In 2019, a majority of House Democrats voted to lower the federal voting age to 16 years, from 18. This week, Senate Democrats will try to ram through a bill that would nationalize elections by taking away the right of states to determine their own voting systems. Liberals will use any hysterical argument to justify this power grab: Representative Eric Swalwell (D., Calif.) even told MSNBC last week that if Republicans win November’s midterm elections, “voting in this country as we know it will be gone.”
New York City’s law was promoted by former councilman Ydanis Rodríguez, who immigrated to the city from the Dominican Republic and is now the commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation. If noncitizens “pay their taxes as I did when I had a green card,” he says, “then they should have a right to elect their local leaders.” He notes that the new law will limit the right to vote to legal residents and green-card holders. --->READ MORE HERE
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NYC mayor says Dems need to become ‘radically practical’ as he clears way for noncitizens to vote:
New York City Mayor Eric Adams cleared the way Sunday for noncitizens to vote in the Big Apple’s municipal elections.
Mr. Adams also called on fellow Democrats to become what he called “radically practical” and focus on issues like Social Security over social-media wars.
“We have to be radically practical, radically practical. We need to deal with those kitchen-table issues that are important to everyday Americans and New Yorkers,” Mr. Adams told CNN on Sunday. “I strongly feel that. We can’t allow social media to dictate what happens. I say it all the time. It’s people on Social Security we need to be focusing on.”
The mayor allowed the bill to become law Sunday, by not vetoing it within 30 days of city council passage. The legislation will give more than 800,000 noncitizens the ability to vote in elections for municipal offices such as mayor and city council.
Opponents have vowed to challenge the law in court.
CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that Mr. Adams previously expressed concerns about letting noncitizens vote and questioned why the mayor changed his mind. --->READ MORE HERE
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