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The Idiocy of Covid-Vaccine Mandates for Kids; Normalcy for Kids in Florida Proves How Wrong NYC’s School Rules Are, and other C-Virus related stories

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The Idiocy of Covid-Vaccine Mandates for Kids:
Never underestimate the irresistible urge of officialdom toward pandemic coercion.
The old legal maxim is that everything which is not forbidden is permitted. Many public-health experts apparently have their own version of this rule — whatever is not forbidden must be mandated.
It was less than three months ago that the Food and Drug Administration approved the Covid-19 vaccine for children on an emergency basis, and already there are debates whether schools should mandate it and jurisdictions prohibit unvaccinated kids from engaging in activities.
California, Louisiana, and Washington, D.C., have scheduled mandates to take effect when the FDA fully approves the vaccine for kids. Los Angeles and Oakland have mandates, although they’ve been delayed. New York City mayor Eric Adams says he’s weighing a mandate, and bills in the New York State legislature would implement one statewide.
When the FDA advisory panel met last October, several experts said they hoped giving emergency approval wouldn’t lead to mandates. FDA official Peter Marks pooh-poohed the possibility, evidently underestimating the irresistible urge of officialdom in blue areas toward pandemic coercion. --->READ MORE HERE
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Normalcy for kids in Florida proves how wrong NYC’s school rules are:
Our family had enough of New York City COVID regulations that target kids, the least at-risk segment of the population, with no off-ramp in sight.
So we moved to Florida. Hello from the other side.
Last week, my children went to school maskless for the first time since March 2020. Was I worried about them getting COVID? No, because there’s a mountain of evidence that their cloth Batman masks do absolutely nothing.
There has been a high cost to needlessly masking kids. Many countries weighed the risk and decided that the effect masks have on learning and human connection was simply not worth it, so they didn’t mask small children the entire pandemic.
But blue areas in the United States have refused to accept science, data, reality.
Winter 2022, people are finally acknowledging the fact that cloth masks are completely useless. But we’ve had this information for a very long time. Instead of realizing their error in keeping kids masked this long, they’re moving toward getting kids “better” masks. --->READ MORE HERE
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