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Pelosi Accused of Hiding info on Her Role in Security Breakdown on Jan. 6; ‘Cover-Up’: House Republicans Demand Nancy Pelosi Answer for ‘Failures’ to Secure Capitol on January 6; Pelosi Blocking Access To House Jan. 6 Records. What Is She Hiding? and related stories

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Pelosi accused of hiding info on her role in security breakdown on Jan. 6:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is concealing information about her culpability in the security breakdown during the Jan. 6 riot, according to Republican lawmakers who have been pursuing those documents since immediately after the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois said Mrs. Pelosi is stonewalling. He is the top Republican on the House Administration Committee, which oversees the management of the Capitol complex.
“The Sergeant at Arms, at the direction of the speaker has refused to provide us their communications surrounding Jan. 6. I believe those records will show there was a lot of communications and coordination between the speaker’s office and law enforcement officials leading up to and on Jan. 6,” Mr. Davis wrote in a statement Tuesday to The Washington Times.
He sent a letter Monday to Mrs. Pelosi that reiterated House Republicans’ demand for the release of documents and communications involving the decision not to deploy the National Guard for the mass protests anticipated that day.
“In the immediate aftermath of January 6th, Republicans began an examination of the Capitol’s security vulnerabilities. On Jan. 13, 2021, as the ranking Republican member of the House Administration Committee, I sent letters to the Acting House Sergeant-at-Arms, the House Chief Administrative Officer and the Acting Chief of the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) asking them to preserve all records relating to January 6th,” Mr. Davis wrote.
“Although the USCP immediately complied with my request to preserve and produce relevant documents, the House Sergeant-at-Arms and Chief Administrative Officer — the two House officers who report directly to you — responded jointly that they were ‘unable to comply with the request at this time.’ Now, nearly a year after this request, the House Sergeant-at-Arms and Chief Administrative Officer have yet to comply with my request.” --->READ MORE HERE
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‘Cover-Up’: House Republicans Demand Nancy Pelosi Answer for ‘Failures’ to Secure Capitol on January 6:
House Republican leaders are targeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over the January 6 riot, saying she refuses to respond to their questions about security at the U.S. Capitol and that her select committee is in fact a “cover-up” for the speaker’s missteps surrounding the riot.
Four Republicans, led by GOP Conference chair Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), held a press call Monday to deliver the party’s messaging on the riot, which Pelosi is currently probing through her Democrat-led select committee.
“This partisan sham committee is not focused on answering the most important questions of why the Capitol was left unprepared that day and how we can ensure this never happens again,” Stefanik began.
“Most importantly, the American people deserve to know what the mainstream media refuses to cover: The fact that the only office that is off-limits to this partisan sham investigation is Speaker Pelosi’s office,” Stefanik continued. “This is a political weapon, and it’s used to cover up for Nancy Pelosi’s failures.”
House Administration Committee ranking member Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), who was also on the call, detailed a letter he wrote to Pelosi on Monday demanding the security officials who ultimately report to her — the House Sergeant-at-Arms and the House Chief Administrative Officer — comply with Republican requests for information about how the Capitol was protected on January 6.
In his letter, Davis accused Pelosi of continuing to “obstruct Republican access to House records relating to the security preparedness of the Capitol complex on January 6th, 2021.” --->READ MORE HERE
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