Sunday, January 30, 2022

Migrants With Criminal Records Among Those Being Released in the US: ICE Agent; Republicans Outraged Over ‘unacceptable’ Release of Criminal Migrants Into US

Migrants with criminal records among those being released in the US: ICE agent:
Illegal immigrants with criminal records are being released into the US, an ICE agent told Fox News Thursday in a report that included new video of a busload of adult, male migrants getting dropped off at a Texas airport.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, who’s involved in the migrant release operation, said it’s been going on discreetly since the spring, Fox News reported.
The unidentified official said some of the migrants who’ve been released have criminal records for misdemeanors including assault, drunken driving, drug possession and illegal re-entry, correspondent Bill Melugin said.
ICE didn’t deny the releases, saying they are done on a case-by-case basis after all factors are taken into consideration, Melugin said.
Fox News also aired a live video shot at the San Antonio International Airport in Texas that showed about two dozen men who gathered their belongings and lined up on a sidewalk before being escorted into the terminal.
A woman near the head of the line, who reportedly works for an unidentified non-governmental organization, held up her hand to try to shield her face from the camera. --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans outraged over ‘unacceptable’ release of criminal migrants into US:
Republican lawmakers blasted President Joe Biden following the revelation Thursday that immigration officials are releasing migrants with criminal records into the US.
“Joe Biden is failing to enforce our rule of law and pouring violent criminals into our communities in the cover of night,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told The Post.
“The Biden Administration must reverse course and put the interest and safety of the American people first and secure the border and deport these illegals now,” the chair of the House Republican Conference added.
Rep. Michael Carey (R-Ohio) tweeted, “We already knew that the Biden Administration could care less about our immigration laws, but it appears they have no regard for the safety of our communities either.”
Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) posted: “Democrats want criminals on our streets. They are willfully endangering Americans.”
Another GOP congressman from Texas, August Pfluger, called the administration’s actions, “Unacceptable & flagrant disregard for our National security.” --->READ MORE HERE
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