Thursday, January 13, 2022

Manhattan Soros DA Legalizes Armed Robbery; Orders Prosecutors to Stop Pursuing Prison Sentences for Many Criminal Cases; No Incarceration Except for Homicide and a Few Other Cases

Manhattan Soros DA Legalizes Armed Robbery:
California Democrats flirted with something similar at a legislative level, but Manhattan's newest Soros DA is going forward with it.
A bill proposed by an East Bay Senator with the intent to revise the penal code is getting a lot of attention, as critics say it would essentially re-classify violent robberies to misdemeanor petty thefts. This has sparked outrage from members of the Asian American community, who are now speaking out, saying this is not their idea of justice.

The concern now is over bill SB82 which, if passes, would reclassify certain robberies which do not involve a deadly weapon or great bodily harm as misdemeanors, not felonies. Misdemeanors carry a maximum $1,000 fine and one year behind bars.
Over in Manhattan, Alvin Bragg is fine with deadly weapons. His Day 1 letter specifically states that armed robberies are fine. --->READ MORE HERE
Manhattan DA orders prosecutors to stop pursuing prison sentences for many criminal cases:
The new district attorney of Manhattan is under fire for ordering prosecutors to stop pursuing prison time for a significant number of criminal cases.
Alvin Bragg's office will "not seek a carceral sentence" except in cases of homicide, domestic violence felonies, corruption, and some sex crimes, according to a Monday memo Bragg sent to staff.
"This rule may be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances based on a holistic analysis of the facts, criminal history, victim's input (particularly in cases of violence or trauma), and any other information available," the memo read.
The "impacts of incarceration" must be considered by prosecutors, Bragg, a Democrat, instructed. --->READ MORE HERE
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