Sunday, January 2, 2022

Majority Say Biden Has ‘Poor’ Handling of Immigration, Crime; Biden’s Voodoo Crime Control: Americans Have More Reason to Own a Gun Than Ever Before; Progressive Prosecutors Under Fire for Crime Surge in Cities, and related stories

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Poll: Majority Say Biden Has ‘Poor’ Handling of Immigration, Crime:
Most Americans say President Biden is doing a “poor” job handling both immigration and crime, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday found.
The survey asked respondents, “How do you rate the way President Biden is handling crime and law enforcement issues?” The question comes over a year after mass calls to defund the police, with crime on the rise in Democrat-run areas.
Overall, 51 believe percent Biden is doing a “poor job” on this issue, followed by 17 percent who say “good,” 14 percent who say “excellent,” and 14 percent who say “fair.” A majority of Republicans (77 percent) and independents (56 percent) agree that Biden is doing a “poor” job in this area, while 57 percent of Democrats say he is doing either “good” or “excellent.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden’s voodoo crime control: Americans have more reason to own a gun than ever before:
President Biden has returned to an old standby for liberal crime fighters — more gun control.
This month, the president used the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings to push gun-control legislation that included expanded background checks and $5 billion for community “anti-violence programs.” He assured us that all were “commonsense” measures.
Funny how new gun control proposals are always commonsensical. Whatever background checks we have, they always need to be expanded. Giving money to community programs (read: social spending) is one of the left’s favorite anti-crime measures.
Crime has reached epidemic proportions, and not just crimes committed with guns. Property theft is up. (A new expression has been added to the vocabulary — “snatch and grab.”) The elderly are assaulted on city streets. Women are raped on train cars. The murder of police officers has become routine.
In 2021, 12 major cities, all with Democratic mayors, had record-breaking homicides.
As of Dec. 17, there were 535 murders in Philadelphia, exceeding the previous record of 500 in 1990. Portland, St. Paul and Chicago were among the other winners of the homicide sweepstakes.
To all of this, the Democrats have a set of standard responses — deny, deflect and play dumb. --->READ MORE HERE
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