Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Profited From Pandemic; Financial Disclosure Shows $10.4M in Investments; Portfolio Includes Chinese Companies; Here's The Evidence That Fauci Covered Up COVID Lab Leak Origins, and other C-Virus related stories

Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Profited From Pandemic"
Finally, after a handful of organizations tried suing Dr. Anthony Fauci in order to have them released, the good doctor's financials - along with those of his wife, who is the NIH's top bioethicist - have been disclosed in detail. And they were leaked by the same Senator who Fauci called a "moron" last week during a hot-mic moment.
We already knew that Dr. Fauci is the highest-paid federal government employee, earning an annual salary of more than $400K. His wife, Christine Grady, earns $176K as Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the NIH.
The records, published by Republican Roger Marshall, himself a doctor and also the junior US senator from Kansas, showed that the Faucis' have a combined net worth of more than $10MM.
Dr. Anthony Fauci’s financial disclosure shows $10.4M in investments:
If this medicine thing doesn’t work out, Dr. Anthony Fauci can always get a job on Wall Street.
The president’s chief medical advisor and his wife had $10.4 million in investments at the end of 2020, newly-released records show.
That sum — including $2.3 million in unrealized gains — was held in various mutual funds.
Fauci’s 2020 financial disclosure was released publicly Friday night by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), who Fauci had called a “moron” after he inquired into Fauci’s financial disclosures during a Senate proceeding Tuesday.
“Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his financial disclosures being open to the public,” Marshall said in a statement. “Dr. Fauci must be held accountable to all Americans who have been suing and requesting for this information but don’t have the power of a Senate office to ask for it.” --->READ MORE HERE
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