Saturday, January 29, 2022

It’s Past Time To Stop Treating Healthy Kids Like They’re Sick; School Mask Wars Reach Boiling Point as Districts Threaten Suspensions, and other C-Virus related stories

It’s Past Time To Stop Treating Healthy Kids Like They’re Sick:
Prior to Covid, parents used to joke about kids being germ warfare labs, little perpetually snotty vectors who share anything and everything at school and the playground. There was truth to it. Any parent who has sent his kid to daycare or school for the first time is acutely aware of how many germs they catch, spread, and defeat during the first few months.
With the arrival of Covid, that harmless joke has turned into a collective case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Healthy kids are all treated as suspect and potential grandma killers. In places they are fortunate enough to have school, the kids are often forced to mask, to learn in pods, to not socialize outside of people in their class, even during recess, and, worst of all, to quarantine after close contact with a student or teacher who tests positive.
For those of us in that last camp, we know the fear of seeing the school’s number pop up on our caller ID. Back in the good old days, such a call usually signaled that your kid had vomited at school. You’d grab a couple of plastic bags, hop into the car, and hope that you’d get to enjoy a mess-free ride home where you’d then fuel your kid up with Sprite and Saltines. After they were vomit-free for 24 hours, you’d send them back to school.
Now that call usually means your child has had close contact with someone on campus who tested positive for Covid. From there, the routine is similar, minus the plastic bags, Sprite, and Saltines. There is a big difference, though. Your child isn’t sick, but she still can’t return to school for however many days. When children are allowed back, they have to follow other protocols to “stop the spread.” How this stops the spread when they don’t have the virus goes unexplained. --->READ MORE HERE
School mask wars reach boiling point as districts threaten suspensions:
The fight over school mask mandates greatly escalated in several localities this week, most notably in Virginia and New York, where an executive order in the former made masks optional and a judge's decision in the latter made them at least temporarily mandatory for students.
A New York state appellate judge stayed a lower court ruling Tuesday that had made masks optional for students in public schools. The original ruling had made the Empire State the latest to become a hot spot of controversy over school mask mandates.
In Virginia, school officials in several districts defied an executive order issued by newly sworn-in Gov. Glenn Youngkin and prohibited parents from opting their children out of mask mandates.
As parents in both states sought to send their children to school without their masks on, school districts in both states turned to draconian measures to ensure compliance, including threatening suspensions.
In New York, Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik tweeted that her office had been answering calls from parent constituents who were “informing us that their kids are being kept from entering schools unless they are wearing masks” prior to the stay on the court ruling. -->READ MORE HERE
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