Thursday, January 6, 2022

How Five Liberal Prosecutors Presided Over Crime Waves; Progressive Prosecutors Under Fire for Crime Surge in Cities

How five liberal prosecutors presided over crime waves:
Liberal prosecutors across the country have overseen significant crime waves in America's major cities this year — and have largely stood by their aggressive reforms.
The district attorneys came into office vowing to address the inequality they say plagues much of the criminal justice system, to much fanfare from the Left.
However, few have acknowledged the seeming link between their departure from the prosecutorial status quo and the rise in violence.
Here is how some of the most radical district attorneys have reshaped law enforcement in their cities.
Larry Krasner
Philadelphia’s liberal district attorney has come under fire for presiding over an explosion in gun violence — and for attempting to downplay it.
Krasner was forced to apologize in December after he said the historic increase in his city’s crime levels doesn’t rise to the level of a “crisis.”
“Basically, we don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence, and that is a category that includes gun violence,” Krasner said in early December, sparking backlash.
Krasner has framed himself as an opponent of mass incarceration, touting how dramatically his office has cut jail time on the homepage of his website . The district attorney boasts of imposing more than 25,000 fewer years of jail time during his tenure compared to the previous four years, even though crime has skyrocketed in that time.
Philadelphia experienced more than twice the number of murders in 2021 than its average annual homicide rate during the four years before Krasner took office, according to Philadelphia Police Department data .
The city broke its all-time record for murders this year, surpassing the previous high of 500 murders in a single year, which occurred in 1990. As of Dec. 16, the city saw 535 murders.
Krasner’s office has stopped prosecuting prostitution and marijuana possession. He campaigned in 2017 on ending cash bail, which he ultimately did for most nonviolent crimes.
Liberal billionaire George Soros’s super PAC poured $1.65 million into Krasner’s district attorney bid during the primary race.
Chesa Boudin --->READ MORE HERE
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Progressive prosecutors under fire for crime surge in cities:
Liberal prosecutors who have argued against their predecessors’ “tough-on-crime” policies are suddenly scrambling to defend their own records and results as shootings, thefts and homicides surge in major cities.
In Baltimore, where the numbers of homicides, carjackings and aggravated assaults are up, the city’s top prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, fired off a scathing 37-page open letter to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican who said her lax handling of prosecutions is contributing to the violent crime.
“Every single day my prosecutors go up against voluminous case dockets, uncooperative witnesses, and demanding judges to ensure accountability against violent individuals in this city,” Ms. Mosby wrote. “How dare you say otherwise?”
The governor said last month that Baltimore “needs a prosecutor who will actually prosecute violent criminals.”
Mr. Hogan, who is considered a potential Republican presidential contender in 2024, also launched an investigation into funding for the prosecutor’s office and demanded that Ms. Mosby turn over detailed statistics on plea deals with defendants and case dismissals.
He is also a frequent critic of Ms. Mosby’s decision to stop prosecuting low-level drug possession, prostitution and other minor offenses. --->READ MORE HERE
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