Sunday, January 16, 2022

DEM CRIME WAVE: Criminals Aren't Just Stealing Packages, They're Robbing Trucks and Trains; If Your Amazon or UPS Package is Long Overdue for Delivery, It May Be Among Thousands Looted from Broken-into Train Cars in LA and Discarded by the Tracks, and related stories

DEM CRIME WAVE: Criminals Aren't Just Stealing Packages, They're Robbing Trucks and Trains:
Under the rule of a party that has virtually legalized crime, that defunds police, and blames crime on social inequity, the criminals have hijacked entire cities, crime is escalating, and the criminals are becoming more ambitious.
New York and California, among other states, have effectively legalized robbing stores and porch piracy. But the gangs are moving beyond that to not just stealing packages, they're hijacking trucks.
Instead of shoplifting from stores, some thieves are zeroing in on another target: Trains and delivery trucks full of packages on the way to customers’ doorsteps.

UPS Chief Executive Carol Tome said Friday that one of the company’s 18-wheeler trucks was robbed in Atlanta in the early hours of the morning. She said thieves hijacked the truck after the driver left one of the delivery company’s largest hubs.
It's Atlanta. Why not? How is Soros DA Darius Pattillo working out? --->READ MORE HERE
Twitter video screenshot via @johnschreiber
If your Amazon or UPS package is long overdue for delivery, it may be among thousands looted from broken-into train cars in LA and discarded by the tracks:
A photojournalist with KCBS-TV said he'd been hearing a good bit about train burglaries in Los Angeles, so he went down to the tracks to have a look for himself.
."There’s looted packages as far as the eye can see," John Schreiber reported in a Thursday tweet, which was followed by others that included videos and images of the carnage. "Amazon packages, @UPS boxes, unused COVID tests, fishing lures, epi pens. Cargo containers left busted open on trains."
Schreiber reported that law enforcement said UPS packages are "especially sought after" as they often contain boxes of merchandise bound for residential addresses. But he also found plenty of unopened packages tossed to the ground. --->READ MORE HERE
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