Thursday, January 20, 2022

Dangers of Human Smuggling and Biden's Border Policy; Human Smugglers Earn $1B from U.S.-Mexico Border in December 2021, and related stories

Dangers of human smuggling and Biden's border policy:
We hear a lot about human trafficking and the unprecedented number of illegal crossings that have occurred during Biden’s presidency, but we haven’t heard much about the smugglers who bring migrants to the United States and help them to make illegal crossings.
Although they may seem to be similar crimes, migrant smuggling and human trafficking are very different.
Migrant smugglers are paid by the migrants to assist them in traveling to the United States and with making an illegal entry. Human traffickers exploit migrants by selling them to people who want to use them for such things as prostitution, forced labor, a form of slavery, or to remove and sell their organs.
No one has comprehensive data on the prevalence of migrant smuggling globally or into the United States, but the information that is available indicates that it is a serious problem.
The first — and to date, only — study on the prevalence of migrant smuggling was performed in 2018, by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). UNODC studied 30 major smuggling routes and concluded that at least 2.5 million migrants were smuggled in 2016, for an economic return of between $5.5 billion and $7 billion. --->READ MORE HERE
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EXCLUSIVE: Human Smugglers Earn $1B from U.S.-Mexico Border in December 2021:
Internal U.S. Customs and Border protection documents reviewed by Breitbart Texas report that human smugglers received up to $1 billion in December 2021 alone. On average, migrants claimed to have paid smugglers more than $5,000 per person – with more than 170,000 apprehended in the month.
The number is likely much higher considering more than 400,000 migrants are believed to have eluded Border Patrol apprehension in 2021. The document shows migrants, on average, paid more than $8,000.00 each to human traffickers in the San Diego sector. Migrants interviewed in the Del Rio Sector admitted to paying slightly more than $4,000 per person. SECTOR
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The source says not all migrants admit to paying the fees. The source says there are many reasons why the fees vary across the southwest border, depending on the barriers in place. --->READ MORE HERE
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