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BIDEN'S NEW EXCUSE: World Economic Forum Predicts 200 Million ‘Climate Refugees’; WH Wants Easier Path for ‘Climate Migrants’: Climate Security Reports; WH Links Climate Change to Migration in New National Security Report

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World Economic Forum Predicts 200 Million ‘Climate Refugees’
The World Economic Forum sees a new risk to global stability — the likelihood that ordinary Americans and Europeans will block the organized transfer of 200 million “climate refugees” into their jobs, homes, and communities.
“More frequent and extreme weather events — including fires, floods, and droughts—could displace more than 200 million people by 2050 … [but] National-level barriers to the movement of people are increasing,” complains the World Economic Forum’s “Global Risks Report 2022.
The report admits the public opposition:
Disillusionment with globalization has fuelled nativist discourses and national interest policies in many destination countries in recent years, … Many governments, reflecting popular attitudes, have expressed concern about pressures on education and healthcare services, housing capacity and local employment; for others, integration concerns have been a priority.


For example, Chile and Peru have reframed their migration governance mechanisms, which complicates access for migrant and refugee populations [mostly from Haiti] to essential financial and healthcare services. Meanwhile, restrictive policies originally grounded in public health concerns have not been rolled back, as indicated by sustained declines in issued visas for the United Kingdom and the perpetuation of Title 42 expulsions at the US border.
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White House Wants Easier Path for ‘Climate Migrants’: Climate Security Reports:
With the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, just weeks away, several federal agencies simultaneously on Oct. 21 released four new analyses on the national security implications of climate change—including a report from the White House on climate change and migration stating that individuals citing climate change “may, in limited instances, have valid claims for refugee status” in the United States.
That White House report states that nationals from a foreign state can be granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) on the basis of “climate-related factors,” later recommending that Congress consider relaxing TPS requirements and making it easier for recipients to apply for permanent status.
That report also recommends that Congress evaluate the possibility of additional protection “for individuals who can establish that they are fleeing serious, credible threats to their life or physical integrity as a result of climate change.”
In addition, it recommends that the United States scale up its investments related to climate migration through funding to the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.N., among other entities.
The report comes as the National Security Council creates a new interagency working group focused on the connection between climate change and migration. --->READ MORE HERE
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