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Biden, Democrats Face Trouble With Independents; Poll: GOP Holds Double-Digit Lead Among Independent Voters Ahead of 2022 Midterms, and related stories

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Biden, Democrats face trouble with independents:
President Biden and fellow Democrats head into a congressional election year seriously “out of step” with Americans on dozens of key issues, according to a Republican-leaning polling outfit, which has a year’s worth of data to prove it.
OnMessage Inc. says that on 50 questions, culled from polling done from February to September and covering everything from how Americans view systemic racism to election integrity to border security, the country is trending away from stances that Mr. Biden defends.
By more than 2-to-1, voters in a June poll rejected the idea that “White Americans are inherently racist whether they know it or not,” and the U.S. is “inherently a racist country,” because of White privilege and slavery.
And voters, by a 53-33 margin, said ensuring elections free of voter fraud was more important than making it as easy as possible for people to vote. Two-thirds of voters backed the idea of requiring an ID to vote, and disagreed with Democrats’ legislation that would effectively ban states’ voter ID requirements.
A September survey of suburban voters found a significant majority who said Mr. Biden “is to blame for the increased amount of illegal immigration.”
OnMessage said the data should help toss Democrats “out of office next year.” --->READ MORE HERE
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GOP holds double-digit lead among independent voters ahead of 2022 midterms: poll
A new poll indicates that self-described independent voters would prefer, by an 18 percentage-point margin, that Republicans regain control of Congress in next year’s midterm elections.
The poll by John Zogby Strategies, released last week, found that 45 percent of independents want the GOP in charge of the House and Senate, compared to 27 percent who want Democrats to keep their majority. The remaining 28 percent said they were undecided.
The same survey found that Republicans held a three-point advantage, 46 percent to 43 percent, on the generic congressional ballot.
“In my four decades of polling, Democrats need about a five percentage-point advantage [in] nationwide congressional preference in order to maintain a majority of Congress,” pollster John Zogby said in a statement. “With a three-point Republican lead, and a substantial lead among independents, signs are pointing today to the possibility of a big Republican advantage going into 2022.” --->READ MORE HERE
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