Saturday, January 1, 2022

As Communism Spreads, Europeans are on Guard against Nazis: The Great Replacement and the Great Distraction

What’s the biggest issue in the next French Presidential election? The economy? Climate change? Education?
All of the above are on the minds of French voters, but what’s shaping up to be the main issue is what Eric Zemmour calls the “great replacement.” Zemmour, a journalist, television personality, and author of a best-selling book (The French Suicide) is one of the leading presidential contenders. “The great replacement” refers to the belief that European elites wish to replace what remains of Western-Christian civilization with a different civilization built on different values.
Not to put too fine a point on it, the replacement culture is Islam. And the replacement is being accomplished by a combination of high Muslim birth rates and the importation of millions of people from Muslim countries. According to a recent Harris poll, about 67 % of French people agree with Zemmour that a “great replacement” is underway. There are approximately 750 “no-go-zones” in France which are largely controlled by Muslims. The population of Lyon, the third-largest city in France is over 30 % Muslim, while Marseille, France’s second-largest city, is 40 % Muslim. Projections of current population trends suggest that France will be a predominantly Muslim country by 2050.
It seems as though a “great replacement” may well be underway. Yet the European elites whom Zemmour and others criticize, are responding in the same knee-jerk fashion they have always employed when their hegemony is threatened.
Take Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg. He’s the head of the Commission of Bishops Conference of the European Union (COMECE). Cardinal Hollerich recently criticized some European Union officials for wanting to remove the word “Christmas” from the Christmas season (which would henceforth be known as “winter break”).
That seems the proper attitude for a Cardinal to take—until you discover his rationale. He worries that the name changes might push European Catholics “into the trap of the populist politicians who use the name of Christianity to justify their very nearly anti-Christian… attitudes.”
To understand the Cardinal’s full meaning, you need to understand that among Europe’s liberal and leftist elites, “populism” is a code word for “Nazism.” Hitler and Mussolini were populist leaders, so if you vote for a populist candidate, you’ll soon have brownshirts marching in the streets. Or so goes the simple-minded reasoning of people like Cardinal Hollerich. Unfortunately, his narrow line of logic is not confined to COMECE (which has been pushing it ever since its inception); it has been the common wisdom among Europe’s bien pensants ever since the end of World War II.
For liberals, populism must be avoided at all costs. And so must nationalism, because Hitler and Mussolini were also nationalists. They never ceased talking about returning their respective nations to their former glory. The path of nationalism, said Cardinal Hollerich in an interview with Crux, would put us “back in 1914 and 1939.” In other words, the nationalists would return us to the days of World War I and World War II.
And who are the present-day populist-nationalists? Well, Victor Orban in Hungary comes to mind along with other Eastern European leaders. But quite obviously, the populist man-of-the-hour is Eric Zemmour. In response to the interviewer’s question about going back to the nationalistic past, Cardinal Hollerich replied, “the big challenge will be the presidential election in France.”
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