Saturday, January 15, 2022

40 Migrants from ‘Special Interest’ Countries Arrested in West Texas Border Sector; Graham Responds To Shocking Admission By DOJ National Security Leadership

Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector
40 Migrants from ‘Special Interest’ Countries Arrested in West Texas Border Sector:
Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a large number of migrants from “special interest” nations so far this month. The group included migrants from nations known to have terrorist activities.
Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens tweeted a report indicating the arrest of 40 migrants classified as “Other than Mexican.” The group included migrants from countries designated as “special interest” nations including Syria, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.
“Knowing who or what crosses our borders is essential to border security,” Chief Owens tweeted.
The arrests come amid a growing surge of migrant crossings in the Del Rio Sector. Owens reported the arrest of 2,700 migrants over the past weekend. Nearly 400 of the arrests came in two large groups.
“While groups of 100+ are eye opening, they accounted for only ~15% of our apprehensions,” the chief tweeted. “That’s another 2,300 migrants spread across sector. All in just three days!” --->READ MORE HERE
Graham Responds To Shocking Admission By DOJ National Security Leadership:
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made these statements following a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on domestic terrorism.
“I was shocked to hear the responses this morning from the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division at the Department of Justice in charge of domestic and international terrorism as well as the responses from the Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch of the FBI who said she had not visited our southern border.

“I appreciate their efforts to prosecute those who defiled our Capitol on January 6, and I'm very supportive of such endeavors. However, this hearing and the answers provided are further examples of the Biden Administration being deaf, dumb and blind to the national security threats we face. Whether it is the collapse of Afghanistan where the Taliban now reign or a completely broken southern border that could be easily penetrated by international terrorists, the Biden Administration is failing.

“It is unacceptable that the National Security Division of the Department of Justice did not know the number of border crossings – which is in the thousands – from special interest countries designated as such because of their ties to terrorism. In addition, dozens of individuals have been apprehended at the southern border who are on terrorist watch lists. Only God knows how many have come across undetected.
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