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The ‘Normals’ are Winning in Their Fight Against Biden’s COVID-19 Mandates; COVID Fatigue is Real and Dems are Panicking, and other C-Virus related stories

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The ‘Normals’ are winning in their fight against Biden’s COVID-19 mandates
When people have a choice, they choose freedom
There are signs that corrupt politicians and their attendant bureaucracy using COVID-19 to gain complete control of our lives is hitting a wall. Acceptance of anti-science and bizarre edicts are being challenged and rejected by thoughtful and fed-up Americans across the country.
As of now, almost every arbitrary vaccine mandate issued by President Biden has been stopped by federal judges. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s farcical mask mandate suddenly morphed into just a suggestion considering her tortured responses to reporter’s questions about the issue. At least a quarter of New York’s counties has announced that, nah, they’re not complying.
Ms. Hochul now wants everyone to know that the state will not be enforcing the mandate and that she hopes people will do the right thing. Persuasion is always the best approach, but true to their nature, the Democrats have found the feel of those jackboots is just too comfortable.
National Review reported the reaction among various New York county executives, with one calling the mandate “unrealistic” and another revealing that the governor’s office hadn’t even bothered to convey any information to the counties about how to handle the order. It’s almost as if Ms. Hochul was trying to look busy about COVID-19 without actually having a plan. But then again, that’s a special talent of the Democrats.
The concern of many classic civil-rights advocates, cultural critics and observers was that COVID-19 was simply too good of an opportunity for politicians and their inner Tiny Tyrants. And we were right. Once the vaccines were delivered and the Democrats took over the government, the establishment morphed into a giant beast focusing on exactly how much control it could wrest from the populace. Propaganda, panic, mandates and fear were the preferred modes of outreach. --->READ MORE HERE
COVID Fatigue is Real and Dems are Panicking:
When the Democrats suddenly pivot, there's always some serious polling (that may be as yet unseen) behind it. Why are state Dems getting nervous about pandemic measures?
The polls show that COVID fatigue is real and it's spectacular.
Six in ten Americans feel worn out by pandemic-related changes they have had to make to their daily lives over the past 20 months. This includes 36% who feel worn out a lot and 24% who feel worn out a little. The poll also finds that nearly half of the public feels angry about how Covid has impacted their daily lives – 24% a lot and 21% a little. Republicans (64%) are no more likely than Democrats (63%) to say they feel at least a little worn out by pandemic-related changes to their lives, but they are much more likely to report feeling angry (63% and 34%, respectively).

Looking at both feelings simultaneously, just over one-third (36%) of the country reports being both worn out and angry. Another 25% feels worn out but not angry and 9% feels angry but not worn out, while 30% say they don’t feel either way about Covid-driven changes to their daily lives. Other than partisan-related variations in these results, there are few significant demographic differences in reports of being either worn out or angry due to the pandemic. However, adults under 55 years old (74%) are somewhat more likely than those aged 55 and older (63%) to say that they feel either or both of these negative emotions.
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