Sunday, December 19, 2021

Report: Biden Considers Greeting Border Crossers with ‘European-Style Reception Centers’; Eager for New Border Model, Biden Officials Look to Europe’s Reception Centers

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Report: Biden Considers Greeting Border Crossers with ‘European-Style Reception Centers’:
President Joe Biden’s administration is considering a plan that would greet border crossers and illegal aliens at the United States-Mexico border with “European-style reception centers,” a new report details.
Biden’s migration officials, according to the Washington Post, are weighing a plan that would turn the southern border into a reception center for border crossers.
The plan, which remains in the early stages of development, would temporarily house border crossers at the centers providing them “with access to recreation and educational programming, medical services, and legal counsel” while non-governmental organizations (NGOs) aid in their asylum process.
The goal of the reception centers at the border would be to reduce the number of border crossers released directly into the U.S. interior and instead shift to a program that hopes to quickly secure asylum for border crossers so they can be resettled throughout the country.
Border crossers, though, would not be required to remain at the reception centers and would be allowed to leave for the U.S. interior.
“Some versions of the program would allow migrants to come and go during the day, or rely on the electronic monitoring tools used by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Alternatives to Detention programs,” the Post reports. --->READ MORE HERE
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Eager for new border model, Biden officials look to Europe’s reception centers:
President Biden’s immigration advisers are discussing proposals to set up European-style reception centers along the Mexican border that would transform the way asylum seekers are processed and potentially curb the large-scale release of migrants into the United States, according to administration officials and others with knowledge of the conversations.
The proposals remain in development, these people said, but the reception center model represents a possible breakthrough because it would reduce the number of illegal border-crossers issued a notice to appear in U.S. courts, the practice derided by Republicans as “catch and release.” It also potentially offers Democrats a more palatable alternative to the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” program that Biden has restarted under federal court order but is reviled by immigrant advocates.
Katie Tobin, Biden’s top immigration adviser on the National Security Council, said the administration’s goal is to move in a direction “where we are testing innovative ideas that are humane, that maintain the due process that’s required in an asylum adjudication but that get us away from a system where people wait five years for a decision.” --->READ MORE HERE
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