Monday, December 27, 2021

POLLS: Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks to New Low as the Year Ends; Biden’s Job Approval Underwater in 45 States, Close in California and Rhode Island; BAD NEWS With Young People and Hispanics

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Biden’s approval rating sinks to new low as the year ends:
President Biden is ending the year with his approval rating at a new low, according to a high-profile poll Monday that finds the White House reeling from higher prices, the COVID-19 crisis and opposition to his social welfare bill.
Mr. Biden’s approval rating is at 41% compared to 55% who disapprove of his performance, the NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll found.
Notably, Mr. Biden has only a 29% approval rating from independents in the poll after winning support from 54% of them in the 2020 election.
Mr. Biden is scheduled to address the omicron variant of the virus on Tuesday, as pandemic-weary Americans face a third calendar year of the pandemic. --->READ MORE HERE
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Poll: Joe Biden’s Job Approval Underwater in 45 States, Close in California and Rhode Island:
President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s job approval numbers are underwater in 45 states and close to underwater in two overwhelmingly blue states, according to CIVIQS’s rolling job approval average.
More people disapprove of Biden’s job performance than approve in 45 states, according to the CIVIQS poll, which has covered the president’s job approval on a rolling basis since his inauguration. That leaves only five states where more approve than disapprove.
However, two of those five states that are overwhelmingly solid blue states — California and Rhode Island — showed the president’s approval numbers close to flipping, with only a two-point margin in each. Both states showed Biden at 46 percent job approval, with 44 percent disapproval, and both showed ten percent “neither approve nor disapprove.”
Overall, the eleven-month rolling average of Biden’s job approval is at 54 percent disapproval compared to only 37 percent approval, with nine percent expressing they “neither approve nor disapprove.” Biden’s net approval is at negative 17 percent. --->READ MORE HERE
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