Sunday, December 12, 2021

NYC Will Spend $500 Million Teaching Kids To Obsess About Sex And Race

Instead of learning about the world and how to contribute to it, Parker's students will now learn about themselves and how to become 'agents of change.'
Last week, fifth-grade teacher Amy Parker took the pages of the education site Chalkbeat to celebrate New York City’s initiative to promote “culturally responsive education” in its public schools. Parker introduces her essay by lamenting that “School taught me to hide who I was and what I valued” because it didn’t assign books with characters who had gay parents. But, at the same time, Parker also complains that she “was overly represented in the books [she] read and the classes [she] took.”
To make up for this injustice, Parker has now committed herself to providing a “culturally responsive and sustaining education” or “CRSE.” This means that she will pick texts on the basis of “representation” and “diversity” and emphasize racial and sexual identity in all her lessons. Instead of learning about the world and how to contribute to it, her students will now learn about themselves and how to become “agents of change.”
For these courageous efforts, New York City will support Parker and other teachers like her with a gargantuan sum of money: “Over the course of three years, almost $500 million will be allocated to CRSE so that our students are reflected in what and how they learn.”
While everyone is certainly entitled to her opinions, even bad ones, this becomes a problem when it comes with such a high price tag and threatens to become the dominant position of an entire profession. I may not teach in New York, but even here in Texas, this kind of thinking and the policies it inspires are increasingly common in our public schools.
Political Activism Isn’t Education
It is worthwhile to consider and rebut Parker’s argument, not only because it promotes a radically leftist message to a captive audience of children, but because it’s bad pedagogy that deprives those children of a quality education.
The most obvious problem, as voices against critical race theory have noted, is the fact that a school classroom is a space intended for the development of knowledge and competency, not ideology and activism. Parker clearly believes the latter and trains her students to see themselves and others through the lens of race and sexuality.
However, people are much more than this. As Aristotle established long ago and Jordan Peterson reiterates today, people can only thrive when they define themselves by their virtues and achievements and find meaning and purpose therein. When they do otherwise, defining themselves by accidental qualities (that is, through things that happened to them rather than things they effected themselves), they will never find meaning or purpose, because there is none.
Society doesn’t care what people are; it cares about what people do. And this holds true for any culture and any political system.
Teaching Identity Politics Turns Kids into Sad Victims --->
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