Thursday, December 30, 2021

Liberal Judge Rules Ousting Illegal Aliens Who Reenter the Country ‘Racist’ and ‘Unconstitutional’; Critical Race Theory Takes Aim at Immigration Law; Federal Judge Rules Immigration Law Provision Unconstitutional for 'disparate impact on Latinx persons '

Liberal Judge Rules Ousting Illegal Aliens Who Reenter the Country ‘Racist’ and ‘Unconstitutional’ – Opinion:
Surprised to find out that fraud and drugs are not the most popular cases federal prosecutors file. According to The Washington Times this honor is given to illegal aliens trying to enter the country again after being deported. Almost all of those who are charged are Hispanic.
Now, according to The Times, federal courts are facing the ridiculous question of whether the “imbalance” in deportations means U.S. immigration law is… wait for it… racist.
Ridiculous? Nevada courts have interpreted it as such.
Judge Miranda Du, an Obama appointee [no kidding?], said the section of immigration law that makes it a felony for an illegal alien previously ousted to sneak back into the country “has racist antecedents dating to the 1920s.” This is insane --->READ MORE HERE
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Critical race theory takes aim at immigration law; courts wrestle with Hispanic disparity in cases:
Forget drugs or fraud. The most common type of case federal prosecutors bring is against illegal immigrants who try to reenter the country after having been ousted — and almost all of those charged are Hispanic.
Now federal courts are grappling with whether that imbalance means the law itself is racist.
One court in Nevada has already ruled that it does. Judge Miranda Du, a President Obama appointee, said the section of law that makes it a felony for someone previously ousted to sneak back into the U.S. has racist antecedents dating to the 1920s.
Though the law has been updated since then, Congress has never “confronted the racist, nativist roots” of the law, the judge ruled. She said that, coupled with the overwhelmingly Hispanic targets for prosecution, makes the law unconstitutional.
She tossed the government’s case against Gustavo Carrillo-Lopez. --->READ MORE HERE
Federal judge rules immigration law provision unconstitutional for 'disparate impact on Latinx persons':
Federal courts are now wrestling with the underpinnings of an immigration law provision and whether or not it is racist.
A federal judge in Nevada ruled that Section 1326, a law making it a felony to reenter the United States after being deported, is unconstitutional.
The Department of Justice has appealed the case, now sending it to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Judge Miranda Du, an Obama appointee, issued the original order in August saying the law was passed with racist antecedents and discriminatory intent against Latinos, violating the Equal Protection Clause.
“The law has a disparate impact on Latinx persons, and the government fails to show that [the statute] would have been enacted absent racial animus,” Du wrote. --->READ MORE HERE
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